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I think she suits a hat.

Long ago, I was in Haye-on-Wye on what proved to be a bitterly cold and icy day.   Most of the shops in Haye-on-Wye sell books and book-related items, but books will not keep you warm (well, maybe they will if you buy enough of them to build yourself a house, but I was on holiday and therefore not inclined towards a longterm building project.)

But there was one shop selling hand-made woollen crafty items, and so I flung myself into it with gratitude, and, throwing economy to the wind in the interest of not actually freezing to death, I  purchased several items (knitted, if I remember rightly by Marches Matrons from Alpaca-wool).  I think I bought a scarf,  a pair of mittens, and this hat.  I am not sure what I did with the other items, but I still have the hat.   Usually I wear it with the flower at the back, because I feel the flower is somehow a bit too much on me.  Rosie, however, carries it off with style.


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21st Jan, 2017 15:09 (UTC)
Oh, that is magnificent!
21st Jan, 2017 22:42 (UTC)
I like that she has a little smile too. She kept the hat on all the time I went off to find the camera and came back: clearly she felt she looked good in it!
21st Jan, 2017 16:16 (UTC)
Beautiful model!
21st Jan, 2017 22:42 (UTC)
Isn't she!
21st Jan, 2017 17:54 (UTC)
That's fantastic! I'm dying laughing at her, although she actually makes the hat look very elegant.
21st Jan, 2017 22:43 (UTC)
I know. So elegant, so blonde, so slender!

(and so pleased with herself!)
21st Jan, 2017 20:00 (UTC)
Clearly Rosie can carry off a hat far better than I can.
21st Jan, 2017 22:41 (UTC)
Or me!
21st Jan, 2017 22:39 (UTC)
Goodness! What an elegant Rosie. She is soignè.
21st Jan, 2017 22:45 (UTC)
Yes indeed!
22nd Jan, 2017 22:43 (UTC)
The hat looks great on her. A born model, that Rosie.
23rd Jan, 2017 19:54 (UTC)
She is a beast of elegance!
23rd Jan, 2017 13:43 (UTC)
She looks great- and I bet she knows it! :D
23rd Jan, 2017 19:54 (UTC)
And she knows it. She loves being photographed!
24th Jan, 2017 06:29 (UTC)
That's obvious! :)

When I try to take pics of my dogs Tom comes running and Teddie goes hiding...
23rd Jan, 2017 18:39 (UTC)
Oh, the Rosie! So elegant, so refined, so composed! And the hat does indeed suit her extremely well.

We bought rather a lot of books when we were in Hay-on-Wye this September, but quite to be expected since that was the reason for our visit there. Apparently there are fewer bookstores than used to be, because books no longer sell as well as once they did, and now many of the stores that sold books sell antiques and crafts and other things which are also not books, but there were still enough left to satisfy my book-acquiring urge.
23rd Jan, 2017 19:55 (UTC)
That's sad news - it's a few years since I have been, it was all books then, and we too left loaded with them!
28th Jan, 2017 10:41 (UTC)
Goodness, I can't keep a hat on either of my dogs for 3 seconds, much less long enough to go into another room, retrieve a camera, and come back! Even ones with chin straps or ties. They both object quite strongly to things on their heads. I can give them scarves or bandanas, and Bailey has worn shirts when we needed to keep her from scratching, but hats are firmly refused.
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