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End of an era: Footie Cat

Last night our oldest cat, Footnote, died.  We think he had a heart attack.  He was 20 years old, and had been with us since he was a kitten, so he had a good run.   He had slowly been getting older and tireder, and didn't do much any more but wander between his food bowl and the fire  (and occasionally shout loudly to be rescued, if he got a bit confused on the route from A to B.)  He was the only one of our current three (now two) cats that we adopted as a kitten, from a friend who had found and rescued a pregnant cat that was being attacked by a dog.

OK occasionally he would still do something like this.  That bone was supposed to be for one of the dogs, I think, but the dogs won't argue with the cats if the cats want something, because the cats have much stronger opinions than my dogs and also the dogs know they have really pointy claws.  Not that Footie would have bopped a dog.  Footie was a peaceable type, unless severely provoked.

Despite his unfortunate prenatal experience,  Footie was a cat who always had a strange love of dogs.  Even before we had dogs, when we lived in Cheshire, he would go out and meet random dogs in the street and see if they wanted to be friends.   He spent a lot of time snuggling with Rosie the last couple of years.

I have some more photos of Footie in earlier days before he was old and tired, but they are on a hard disk I can't get into at the moment.  I'll see if I can find them later.

We buried him in the garden this morning, in the sunny spot under the edge of the bushes at the edge of the lawn that he particularly liked to lurk in in his younger days.



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13th Jan, 2017 14:38 (UTC)
I'm sorry. It sounds like he had a peaceful passing, and certainly a life of luxury and love, though.
13th Jan, 2017 22:33 (UTC)
Thanks. He was a lovely old boy, and definitely had a good life.
13th Jan, 2017 14:47 (UTC)

RIP old Footie, after a long sweet life, you can rest.

13th Jan, 2017 22:33 (UTC)
13th Jan, 2017 16:44 (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear it - he looked a lovely old cat.
13th Jan, 2017 22:33 (UTC)
He was a sweetheart of a cat, and we're sad to lose him
13th Jan, 2017 17:09 (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear about Footie.
13th Jan, 2017 22:33 (UTC)
Yes. They never last long enough :-(
13th Jan, 2017 17:25 (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear about Footie. I'm glad he went peacefully after a long and happy life.
13th Jan, 2017 22:34 (UTC)
13th Jan, 2017 17:29 (UTC)
I am so sorry. It sounds like after such a precarious start, he had the best of lives.
13th Jan, 2017 22:36 (UTC)
I hope so. Some of the other cats were sometimes a bit horrid to him, but I think on the whole he enjoyed his life.
13th Jan, 2017 18:14 (UTC)
Sorry to see that Footie has died, but glad also to see the photographs of a self-aware cat. I particularly like that he was friendly towards dogs. Marmite regarded them as his arch-enemies and was frightened of and provcative of them by turns.
13th Jan, 2017 22:38 (UTC)
It was the oddest thing. When we adopted him, he was really quite shy. But I met someone walking their labrador on our street one day when we were in Cheshire, and she said, oh, that's the house with the really friendly cat! And I said, no, surely some mistake, our cat is so shy!

And then Footie came charging out to rub around his labrador chum and generally make it clear that anyone with a dog was a friend of his. So unexpected!
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13th Jan, 2017 18:28 (UTC)
Very sorry to hear about your loss.
13th Jan, 2017 22:38 (UTC)
13th Jan, 2017 18:29 (UTC)
I was just thinking about him this morning, and how, with less than 3 months to go, it was looking like he'd be shouting at us during yet another Butteller, the indestructable, immortal cat. I'm sorry to hear that he won't. I remember how he used to hide from us, and how we saw him only as an occasional, nervous shadow, but over the years, he seemed to come to terms with this random, noisy strangers who took over the couch for a week, and started to share the space with us and make free with our laps.
13th Jan, 2017 22:40 (UTC)
Yes, when he made it to Christmas, I really thought he would go bumbling and shouting on for much longer. He seemed fine right to the end too, a couple of little health things, but otherwise fine. Not bad for a cat who had been diagnosed with liver failure, what, 5 or so years ago.

We will miss his shouting and determined refusal to take a hint!
13th Jan, 2017 18:39 (UTC)
I am sorry to hear this, bunn.

Rest In Peace, Footie.
13th Jan, 2017 22:41 (UTC)
13th Jan, 2017 19:59 (UTC)
My condolences to you both. He clearly had a good life but 20 years will leave a hole in anyone's life.
13th Jan, 2017 22:42 (UTC)
It so does! He was very old, so on one level we were expecting it, but then, he had gone on so long it seemed utterly unexpected that he would suddenly stop.

Not a bad way to go, quickly by the fire with his people, but still. Twenty years.
13th Jan, 2017 20:09 (UTC)
So sorry to hear that.
13th Jan, 2017 22:42 (UTC)
Thank you!
13th Jan, 2017 22:05 (UTC)
Oh I am so sorry to hear that, hope you and PP are doing ok. Like LOA I'd been thinking he'd still be there in April and I'm very sorry he won't be, he was a lovely old cat. I was always amused by his grumpy complaining if you dared to even move a millimetre if you'd been selected as his lap of choice.
13th Jan, 2017 22:50 (UTC)
He was very opinionated about his comfort!

We are still adjusting. He'd been around for so long... I'm glad that it was quick though.

Henning purred with delight and told us that we had plenty of cats. That cat is such a bastard. It's lucky he's also adorable and cuddly!
14th Jan, 2017 04:11 (UTC)
I'm so sorry. It is hard to lose old friends. He had a wonderful life with you Hugs.What part of cheshire did you once live in?

Edited at 2017-01-14 04:13 (UTC)
15th Jan, 2017 14:11 (UTC)
We lived in Mickle Trafford for a while, just outside Chester, and I worked in Warrington and later in Liverpool.
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(Deleted comment)
15th Jan, 2017 14:11 (UTC)
Thanks. He was a sweetie.
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