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Waterwheel in Nargothrond

 For some reason I am firmly convinced that Nargothrond must have been powered by a goodly number of waterwheels.

Here is a random Noldo wandering past one of them.   I did this with my new Inktense pencils, which I recommend if you like watercolour pencils, they are like those but much more vivid.  The falling water was overpainted in acrylics, and I think looks better in the physical version than in my photo here, but that's life.

The New Year began yesterday with a truly horrible cold wet and rainy day.   I determinedly went out for a dog walk in Calstock with my mother anyway, and duly fell over in the mud and got very damp and filthy  (better her than me though, I am young enough to bounce!).  I wish we'd left it till today now, the skies today are a clear blue and everything is green and gold again.  


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2nd Jan, 2017 16:38 (UTC)
That's beautiful! I love the colors, and the perspective is appealing.

I'm curious to know what size it is.
3rd Jan, 2017 12:52 (UTC)
The painting or the waterwheel?

The painting is about A4-ish (it's on one of those sheets of card that I nicked out of a skip again! I do love that card).

The waterwheel, I don't know. The Noldor seem to be quite tall, so I'm guessing the person in the picture is over 6 foot, so.. quite big?
3rd Jan, 2017 15:53 (UTC)
I was wondering about the painting, but it's good to know about the Noldor and the waterwheel, too.
2nd Jan, 2017 20:41 (UTC)
Ooh, nice! Yes, waterwheels make a lot of sense.
3rd Jan, 2017 13:00 (UTC)
Thank you! They do have all the force of the river to work with, it seems like it would be a waste not to use it!
2nd Jan, 2017 21:16 (UTC)
I think there is a canonical water-wheel somewhere in Moria?
So, just possibly, one of Felagund's dwarvish influences?

In any case, I really like it.
3rd Jan, 2017 13:02 (UTC)
Oh yes, I think there is! Waterwheels seem like an obvious source of power if you are living by a great river...

I wonder if the Mill in Hobbiton was a water-mill or a wind-mill?
4th Jan, 2017 19:38 (UTC)
The mill in Hobbiton was a water mill--the water wheel is clearly shown in one of Tolkien's own drawings of Hobbiton (I just checked).
4th Jan, 2017 19:42 (UTC)
That's could be a dwarvish influence too!
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