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Christmas random photos

Some of the vegan truffles we made as presents.  Well, technically the thing on the left is a coconut limeball. But the rest are truffles.  We ended up with rather a lot of them left after we had put the gift ones all in boxes.  What a tragedy.

I made most of the family Festive Guineapig cards this year (because I started with one card for my sister, who is vegan and a guineapig enthusiast, and sort of got a bit carried away.   But I didn't photograph those because I finished them rather late.  I really liked them as pencil, but ended up rather rushing the colouring, which is definitely the part of painting that I need to stop and think about carefully.  I'm Ok with drawing shapes quickly, but shading and colours are harder.

Anyway, here is a card I made for pp.  Yama Bungle thinks I am photographing HIM, of course.  I don't think Yama approved of us going out on Christmas day, he has knocked a lot of things over today and persecuted the dogs.

Dragons without wings obviously need to have six legs, so they have a pair of spare limbs to evolve into wings later.

I didn't take any photos on the Christmas morning dogwalk as it was drizzling and generally rather gloomy.  But here is Christmas lunch!  Mostly cooked by my sister.  I think it was very heroic of her to volunteer to cook turkey for other people to eat.

Rosie definitely enjoyed Christmas day.  She did a lot of snuggling and ate a ridiculous amount of turkey and stuffing.

Brythen was a Good Dog and slept on the dog bed. Unlike Rosie the Pushy Princess who insisted on sprawling on the sofa.

I got Brythen a squeaky walrus for Christmas.  I only got Rosie black pudding sticks, as normally she never plays with toys apart from her one Noctopus toy very occasionally.  Of course the fact that Brythen got a walrus meant that Rosie wanted a walrus, and almost immediately she stole it to play with.  I got out last year's christmas robin for Brythen to play with instead, and eventually he ended up with both of them.

And today being Boxing Day,  we went up to Minions and wandered around Bodmin moor.  Here is a sheep we met who apparently had got some very fine headphones in his Christmas stocking.

PP and Brythen admiring the view, Rosie looking suspiciously at a hiker behind me.  She really does have the ears of a Faerie Hound in this photo.   I don't know why, but Rosie considered that particular hiker to be very suspect, and growled quietly at her from a distance.

Anyway, we walked all around the Cheesewring, and the sky even turned blue as we went, so that it was quite sunny by the time we'd come all the way around.   Lots of other people had also turned out for the Boxing Day walk, but most of them went straight from the car park up to stand on the stones, as you can see.  Hordes of them, but all in one place!

Looking back towards the mines of Minions.  Really, I guess the chimney on the right and the engine house on the left were put up there because that's how the lodes ran, but they do look like Dark Towers defending the pass.

And another engine-house, one of the many available -  with Brythen being a very good boy.  There were sheep dotted all around here, not to mention cattle and ponies, and I really had no worries at all that he might not be good, he was so polite.   He was a little bit worried, because we could hear, I think, either a clay pigeon or a pheasant shoot going on in the distance and the hills echoed the sound rather loudly, so you can see his ludicrously-short tail is looking a little discouraged here.   Rosie was quite untroubled, for some reason gunfire is not a sound that bothers her (Yama Bungle knocking a pencil on the floor, yes,  Gunfire, no.  WTF, silly saluki?)


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26th Dec, 2016 18:41 (UTC)
Lovely photos. Glad to see you all had a good Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
30th Dec, 2016 20:21 (UTC)
Thank you!
27th Dec, 2016 01:17 (UTC)
Wonderful pictures! They are just perfect.
30th Dec, 2016 20:22 (UTC)
Well, I think the truffles could probably have been better photographed, but since I took the photo about half past midnight on Christmas day to desperately turn it into a label that I could pop in the box, I consider it to be the kind of photographic triumph that counts as a triumph due to circumstance :-D
27th Dec, 2016 03:19 (UTC)
Thanks for sharing your photos. I'm happy to see everyone had a good time.

Your idea about six-legged dragons seems very sound.

ETA: The truffles look most impressive.

Edited at 2016-12-27 03:20 (UTC)
30th Dec, 2016 20:23 (UTC)
I think the Game of Thrones dragons have sort of flying squirrel wings where the wing is basically an extended front leg, but Tolkien's own drawings show a much more six-limbed creature, so I prefer the 'more legs' idea.
27th Dec, 2016 07:11 (UTC)
Rosie looks tolerably comfortable!

I can see why everyone heads to the Cheesewring on Boxing Day - what a spectacular landscape.
30th Dec, 2016 20:24 (UTC)
It is dramatic - free parking too, which I am sure helps a lot to draw in the hordes.
27th Dec, 2016 12:08 (UTC)
For a vegan to cook a turkey for other people - definitely a heroic deed!
Ah, what pictures! And a ruined tower in the background of the headphones-sheep is beautiful!
30th Dec, 2016 20:25 (UTC)
I know. I feel a bit guilty that she ended up doing it all - I did offer to help, or bring things! But she is very efficient and sorted it all out.
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