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Wanderings in the woods

A beautiful morning.  The shadows are long in the valleys, but up on the hills there are sunbeams.

Rosie disapproves of the shadows and insists on walking higher up the valley in the sun.

This long hill was a hill fort.  It's a pity about the dark conifer plantation on the end, it means you can't see the shape of the end of the fort. Perhaps eventually the Duchy of Cornwall will get around to replacing the conifers with broadleaves, as with the rest of the wood.

More sunbeams, Brythen posing, but Rosie has run off to poke her long nose down rabbit holes.

Eventually, I made an arrest, when she decided she was bored of wearing her muzzle and would come and rub it vigorously on my leg to get me to remove it from her.

Admiring a mine chimney.

Oh dear.  Time to go home, and that means... going down into the shadows.  Rosie disapproves.


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22nd Dec, 2016 20:07 (UTC)
Beautiful as ever!

And good to hear about a walk when the worst thing Rosie had to cope with was shadows ;)
22nd Dec, 2016 22:20 (UTC)
Well, we did meet a springer spaniel right at the start, which barked at her, but for some mysterious reason, Rosie likes spaniels and so although she had a very little bark back at it, she didn't get upset.
23rd Dec, 2016 01:55 (UTC)
The shadows are long in the valleys, but up on the hills there are sunbeams. There's more than a hint of Tolkien there.

As to going down into the shadows, I can magine Rosie thinking We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!”
23rd Dec, 2016 21:22 (UTC)
Hmmm, I'm not sure that Rosie has no use for adventures. She just likes her adventures to take place on the high hilltops, speeding among the sunlit bunnies, not in the dark deeps of the world.
23rd Dec, 2016 23:09 (UTC)
Wise Rosie.
23rd Dec, 2016 06:44 (UTC)
Yesd, she looks very put out on the last picture. :)
23rd Dec, 2016 21:25 (UTC)
She was sooooo miffed. I should have found somewhere that I could park the car in a sunbeam!
23rd Dec, 2016 10:48 (UTC)
Beautiful photos! Sunlight... I remember sunlight.

And I love Rosie's insistence on heated sunlit paths.
23rd Dec, 2016 21:23 (UTC)
It was hard to even remember the sunlight today: grey gloom followed by increasingly insistent rain. :-(

Rosie did not demand an evening walk today...
23rd Dec, 2016 16:16 (UTC)
Great shots! :-)
23rd Dec, 2016 21:26 (UTC)
Thank you! It was such a beautiful day!
23rd Dec, 2016 17:02 (UTC)
Rosie has such an expressive face! That last photo is definitely a Very Disapproving Look.

We have no hill forts around here, sadly, at least none that we know of.
23rd Dec, 2016 21:33 (UTC)
We don't have many of the big impressive hillforts that they have in Dorset, but we have quite a lot of these little ones dotted around. They are very steep with no water source at the top. I always feel that although they would be hard to attack, they would also be an awful lot of work to live in for any length of time, because of carrying everything up there!
23rd Dec, 2016 21:12 (UTC)

It's beautiful :)

23rd Dec, 2016 21:47 (UTC)
I thought so!
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