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Apparently there is a Dunkirk movie

I am not sure if this is really a good moment for yet another second world war movie... but youtube informs me that there is a Dunkirk movie coming up next year.    And I am a total sucker for the Little Ships of Dunkirk story, so I definitely want to see it.

 Apparently some of the original Little Ships took part in the filming!  So that is a reason to want to see it on its own.  There are probably actors and people in it, but I want to see the little ships. :-D

And while I am blethering, I thought I would link the history of the Tamar Barge Lynher here - she did not go to Dunkirk, being occupied as a barrage balloon platform at the time, but she is still an interesting elderly old boat, dating from 1896.  The photos are worth a glance: - quite a spectacular restoration story because she looks a complete mess having been hulked under the mud.  I will look forward to spotting her on the river next year!

I'd hate to own a wooden sailing boat - soooooo much work - but the sight of them always cheers me up. 


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18th Dec, 2016 01:36 (UTC)
That's a movie I would like to see also! There is something really compelling about a wooden boat.
19th Dec, 2016 10:32 (UTC)
I don't know when it's coming out, but I shall look out for it. First time a Youtube ad has shown me something I am interested in, I think!
18th Dec, 2016 08:20 (UTC)
What an amazing work of restoration on the barge!

I think some of the Dunkirk movie was filmed round here - there was a Secrit Movie Project happening at various locations earlier in the year.
19th Dec, 2016 10:31 (UTC)
Oh, was there really? I suppose Dorset is just where you'd film it. If so, that should add to the authenticity, you'd hope - it can be annoying when everything is filmed in Hungary because the real location is too built up. Less of an issue for WWII than the eighth century, but still (still resentful about the river Tamar being played by Hungary in The Last Kingdom!)
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