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Winter virus thing reviewed & charity collection

10/10  : as a way of losing 5lb in weight in a week.
However 2/10 : as a general way to spend a week in December.  A grudging 2 points awarded on the grounds that the horrible thing does now eventually seem to be going away and hasn't actually killed me.  Would not, by choice, suffer again.  :-(

However, I did feel well enough today (finally!  I've had this thing since last Thurs!) to take Brythen over to join in with the supermarket collection that I had volunteered for a few weeks ago (for Forever Hounds Trust, which is what used to be Greyhound Rescue West of England).

Despite appearances, he loved it.  There were three assorted greyhounds there: he loved the two little ones (found the big one a bit scary).  Plus, a lurcher and a couple of funny little random dogs came to say hello.  There was a lot of play-bowing.  Also, he got to cuddle a large number of shoppers.  Brythen loves cuddling random humans, and it turns out that most people who shop at Morrisons in Tavistock also love cuddling Brythens.   He made an excellent chugger, as he kept wandering up to people and leaning on their legs adoringly until they put money in his tin.

This was not a Rosie-friendly activity.   She would have hated it so she stayed at home on her sofa.

I had great difficulty persuading Brythen that it was time to leave all the friendly shoppers and dogs and go home.  I just heard that the collection made £260!  Well worth the effort.
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