bunn (bunn) wrote,

Cat update

Yama Bungle has been unwell, and needed daily antibiotics.  He would not eat the food with the liquid medication on it, so we got him pills.  He would not eat the pills in cheese, or sardines, or liver cake.    We have been forced to adopt the Cat Is Basically A Tube method, where the cat is swaddled in towels and you try to inject medicine into his mouth.

The liquid is better for this than the pills, since the pills can easily be stowed away in the Secret Mouth Pocket that all cats possess, whereas cats appear, at least as yet, not to have mastered the idea of squirting medicine from their mouths.    

At least it seems to be working.  He was haring around the house, knocking things over this morning.

Footie the ancient cat was also unwell on Sunday.  In fact, I rather thought he had had it, as I found him sprawled face-down by his dish, breathing heavily.  I think possibly he had had a small fit or something.  He is almost 20 now.   But we picked him up and stood him up, and he seems to have reverted to his normal routine of walking basically from food bowl to fire and back again, punctuated with many hours of sleep.

Henning cat continues well, but grumpy.  Nothing new there then.
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