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Bit nippy out

I had thought that the frost might be gone by the time I had finished wrapping the dogs up in layers of coats, but no, down in the valley, the frost was still lying on the old Gunnislake Clitters mine.

Brythen has more hair than Rosie, so this was the first outing this year for his coat. He walked a bit oddly to start with in it, but got used to it.  I can't decide if he doesn't run about quite so much in his coat because he finds it a bit restrictive, or because he has to run about madly when he's not wearing it, to keep warm!

I turned around from photographing Brythen, to discover that I was being Strongly Disapproved Of by Rosie who had turned her back on me.  She has a jumper on under that coat, but apparently it is still Too Cold To be Faffing With the Camera.

The children of Ungoliant had been out in the woods, putting up their festive decorations.   I tried to take a photo of the whole wood all decked with tiny white spiders-webs, but you just can't see them in the photo, so here is a closeup.

I am faintly disturbed to discover just how much cobweb there is in that wood that I normally don't see.  Literally every tree was festooned with them.
There was not so much frost down by the river, but up here on the valley side, the fog had rolled up from the riverside and turned all to white on the twigs as well as on the cobwebs.


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2nd Dec, 2016 23:01 (UTC)
I love disapproving Rosie. :-)

Our frost never made it to the trees, unfortunately, it's been too dry here but we had several mornings of white fields and looking down on mist in the Vale of Evesham.

3rd Dec, 2016 10:00 (UTC)
It's never dry here! Well, not often. We are in the Tamar Valley rainforest...
2nd Dec, 2016 23:38 (UTC)
Very penetrting photos. I just inhale the smell of the frost.
3rd Dec, 2016 10:12 (UTC)
The frost is gone again now, sadly taking the blue skies with it...
2nd Dec, 2016 23:50 (UTC)
Those are exactly the kind of photos I like to look at, though admittedly while I'm inside enjoying toast and a cup of tea.

The cobweb looks like someone's started a lace doily.

Brythen looks like a rugged matinee idol. Rosie is wonderfully opinionated.
3rd Dec, 2016 10:02 (UTC)
Toast and tea for afterwards, to warm up again!

Though the frost has gone now, it's all grey again.
3rd Dec, 2016 06:14 (UTC)

I can't imagine frozen trees, not in my wildest dreams. How amazing and frosty

3rd Dec, 2016 06:28 (UTC)

This happened 5mins after I read your post . Ode to Rosie apparently https://youtu.be/Key_5PS-YSg

3rd Dec, 2016 09:29 (UTC)
hahahaha oh Jav. He is the original Disapproving Uncle.

How do they communicate such disapproval just with their backs?

(Pan is looking in good Badger-baffling shape again, that's good.)
3rd Dec, 2016 07:20 (UTC)

LOL at the disapproving Rosie. Whereas Max was quite happy to spend an hour launching himself into the frosty heather while I was faffing about with the camera...

Yes, it's always a bit alarming when the frost reveals just how many spiders there are living in every square inch of the landscape.
3rd Dec, 2016 10:19 (UTC)
Rosie will sometimes do that, but I think yesterday it was Just Too Cold. Also, of course, she likes me to appreciate her frosty-heather-diving, rather than frivol around occupying myself with non-Rosie things :-D
3rd Dec, 2016 17:56 (UTC)
LOL; Rosie knows how to let you know She Is Not Best Pleased! :D
3rd Dec, 2016 21:29 (UTC)
That spiderweb photo is gorgeous!
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