bunn (bunn) wrote,

A walk through Sheba Woods

A frosty, sunny morning today and we went for a walk through Sheba Woods.

Being a Good Dog and Coming back: Rosie Style.  Rosie is being very good at the moment. I am trying not to count on it, but she does seem happier and more confident too.  Perhaps she's getting old.

.... and Brythen style. Definitely not getting old!  At least he's good about not actually cannoning into me.  I was supposed to be meeting with a friend for a walk this morning, only her dog ran into her leg and left her unable to walk any distance, so she cried off!

Looking out to Dartmoor beyond the woods.

I love his expression.

Crossing the Brook.  I'm not sure what this construction is.  Something to prevent flooding?  A mining relic?  I have no idea.  It seems too narrow to have been designed as a bridge, but Rosie loves it.  She always wants to go that way.

A much more amateur effort in the bridge department.  We crossed it though, to get back across the stream.

We forded this last time we came here, instead of using the Bridge of Extreme Rusticness -  but the water was cold and deep and fast, now the winter is here, and the dogs were not happy, so this time I avoided it.

And here another stream comes down to join it and runs across the road, but this ford is wider and shallower, so can be driven across.
Tags: dogs, tamar valley, walks

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