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Overdose of squirrels

Brythen had a very very exciting morning, with a lot of squirrels in it.  The squirrels were fifty feet or so up, but that didn't stop them being very exciting.  And now Brythen is rather sore and sorry for himself, and has a swollen bit behind one of his front legs.  I think we will have to take it easy for a few days.
 This was him coming back from the Land of Squirrels:

 We skipped the evening walk, and just did a little bit of sit-stay - go to your mat training.  They quite like doing that, and it makes them feel that they have Done Something, so there is less hooning around and frustrated flinging of toys.  I had some difficulty persuading Rosie that she should go to her mat in the kitchen, because she is a bit scared of the kitchen, where there is the potential for falling forks, and the floor is  bit hard and slippy, and it gets even harder if you panic and try to walk on the tips of your toenails, which Rosie does sometimes do.  But she did do it in the end, and ate a lot of liver treats.

She has been very good recently though.   For example here is a terrible phone photo taken this morning of her being good and staying with me offlead.

(I don't know why my phone refuses to admit to the truly gaudy autumn colours and insists on flattening it all to a decorous pale beige. The camera can see the truth, but the phone's whitebalance seems to live in Grey Pastel World).

However, when I was uploading that video of Brythen coming very slowly above I found these two videos of Me Trying To Persuade Rosie To Walk Up A Hill, and I thought someone might find them amusing since I laughed - so here they are:

This was in the early spring, so I can't remember how this panned out , but I have a horrible feeling that I did actually end up carrying her.  We have since given up on taking this walk entirely, and I now go around another way which she is more willing to take, because it's just easier.    She is so obstinate.  When she makes up her mind about something, good luck persuading her.  She has enough willpower for an entire small country.
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