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Sunbeams, hounds and falling leaves

Rosie in a sunbeam.  I forgot to take her muzzle and decided to let her go without for once, since I was pretty sure I was the only person on this path that day.  We didn't see anyone else at all, only squirrels.

Brythen posing.   Sometimes he picks just the right spot to stand and stare longingly at squirrels.

Rosie among the dew.

And here are just some photos of pretty trees along my morning walks.  Mostly beech, although the first one has some sweet chestnut on the right too.  This first photo is all growing on old arsenic mine spoilheaps.

I think this is probably another spoilheap, but it's my favorite.  I keep trying to photograph the trees on this hillock, because they are stunning when they catch the light, but it's hard to work out where to stand to get them framed as they look when you are standing admiring them.

And finally, three photos that I tried to set up oh, so carefully.I thought it would look good if I could take a photo of Rosie jumping over this stone stile in the beautiful autumn light.  Here is Rosie standing behind it peering over

I asked her to wait, and got over the stile so I could take the photo from the other side.  She was unimpressed by this idea.  See, from her face, how unimpressed she is.  I thought she would like to do it, since she would be jumping into the sunbeam.  But no.  I had to spend quite a while persuading her to make the jump.

Finally, she did it, with an expression that says 'Oh, all right, you clueless idiot.  But I'm not going to pretend I like doing it'.

I think I need to considerably improve my provision of bribes.


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1st Nov, 2016 13:57 (UTC)
They are beautiful. The photos and the dogs. I laughed aloud at your attempts at trying to get Rosie to cooperate to make a good photo. It reminds me of trying to catch good shots of Alex. Not much difference between a boy and a dog! Actually, you have a lot of lovely photos in this set.

Edited at 2016-11-01 13:59 (UTC)
1st Nov, 2016 14:08 (UTC)
Lovely colours!

The first photo of Rosie looking over the stile is a nice shot anyway :)
2nd Nov, 2016 22:12 (UTC)
It is, and that is some compensation for the pissed-off jumping shot!
1st Nov, 2016 16:43 (UTC)
Wow you take beautiful pics, and the style one was totally worth it :-)
2nd Nov, 2016 22:12 (UTC)
Thank you! I like the colours in the jumping shot, I just wish she looked a bit more enthused!
1st Nov, 2016 19:29 (UTC)

Oh my gosh! These trees are incredible. Thank you for these photos, my eyes are so happy.

2nd Nov, 2016 22:15 (UTC)
The autumn sun coming through the leaves is always cheering, though I have difficulty persuading Rosie we should ever leave it to walk into any form of shade...

I know there are lurchers that do agility, but I think they must be a very different and more enthusiastic kind of lurcher...
1st Nov, 2016 19:40 (UTC)
Rosie is so photogenic! Even when she's showing her opinion of your photo ideas.
2nd Nov, 2016 22:15 (UTC)
AND she knows it!
1st Nov, 2016 20:59 (UTC)
Beautiful! -N
2nd Nov, 2016 22:16 (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
2nd Nov, 2016 22:16 (UTC)
Well, *mostly* good dogs...
2nd Nov, 2016 01:56 (UTC)
How lovely! You're walking through Lothlorien!
2nd Nov, 2016 22:18 (UTC)
It can be! And sometimes more like Ithilien, with sudden outcroppings of ugliness and destruction...
2nd Nov, 2016 06:14 (UTC)
2nd Nov, 2016 06:30 (UTC)
Goodness, I hope that people know the area well enough to not forage chestnuts there! I imagine that chestnut trees growing in arsenic-ridden soil would be rather hazardous to eat, and as these are old mines, they are likely to not have been as exacting about getting every last bit of what they were mining as we are today.

It's nearly impossible to get good pics of my fuzzy boy, too. Bailey isn't so hard, but Hudson...I either end up with an oddly shaped dark grey shag rug or a gigantic snout right up at my lens. Often followed by a badly smudged lens, because he REALLY must sniff it, and sniff deeply and forcefully with his nose pressed right up against...whatever it is I'm holding that has got his attention.
2nd Nov, 2016 14:58 (UTC)
My late tortie Nina knew immediately when a camera was pointed at her, and she hated it. HATED. So I have a handful of good photos of her and a lot of photos of almost the same pose but with the addition of the death glare. She had a really effective death glare for a seven pound cat.
2nd Nov, 2016 22:20 (UTC)
It's everywhere really, the arsenic - you can't worry too much about it. If it were very poisonous then the trees wouldn't grow. The usual advice here is that you are probably all right eating the odd nut or berry as long as you aren't a subsistence farmer eating nothing else, in which case you have to be much more careful about the soil.
3rd Nov, 2016 06:07 (UTC)
Fair enough. The only mine tailings I've ever personally been near were copper mine tailings, and we were warned over and over (and over!) that they were highly dangerous, both in and of themselves and anything that grew on them. It was repeated often enough that I still remember, despite being a small child at the time!
2nd Nov, 2016 12:05 (UTC)
Ah, so beautiful! In Moscow the "golden autumn" is over, so it's good to have such feast for the eyes. Thank you!
2nd Nov, 2016 22:23 (UTC)
It's good to get a golden autumn - probably about one in three of ours are just wet, brown and squelchy, so the golden ones are all the more welcome!
2nd Nov, 2016 14:54 (UTC)
Dogs are always a law unto themselves! :-)
2nd Nov, 2016 21:40 (UTC)
I feel like I say it every time -- but it's true every time! -- but these are beautiful.
15th Nov, 2016 14:12 (UTC)
Beautiful! Especially Rosie in a sunbeam, and Brythen posing :-)
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