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Sunbeams, hounds and falling leaves

Rosie in a sunbeam.  I forgot to take her muzzle and decided to let her go without for once, since I was pretty sure I was the only person on this path that day.  We didn't see anyone else at all, only squirrels.

Brythen posing.   Sometimes he picks just the right spot to stand and stare longingly at squirrels.

Rosie among the dew.

And here are just some photos of pretty trees along my morning walks.  Mostly beech, although the first one has some sweet chestnut on the right too.  This first photo is all growing on old arsenic mine spoilheaps.

I think this is probably another spoilheap, but it's my favorite.  I keep trying to photograph the trees on this hillock, because they are stunning when they catch the light, but it's hard to work out where to stand to get them framed as they look when you are standing admiring them.

And finally, three photos that I tried to set up oh, so carefully.I thought it would look good if I could take a photo of Rosie jumping over this stone stile in the beautiful autumn light.  Here is Rosie standing behind it peering over

I asked her to wait, and got over the stile so I could take the photo from the other side.  She was unimpressed by this idea.  See, from her face, how unimpressed she is.  I thought she would like to do it, since she would be jumping into the sunbeam.  But no.  I had to spend quite a while persuading her to make the jump.

Finally, she did it, with an expression that says 'Oh, all right, you clueless idiot.  But I'm not going to pretend I like doing it'.

I think I need to considerably improve my provision of bribes.
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