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Things done of a weekend

- Went for a walk with my mother and my sister who has rather unexpectedly decided that living in Gibraltar is definitely not for her, and so has moved back to Devon for a couple of months to stay with Mum before going back to Canada. Dogs had about 4 hours of walk that day, including a lot of mad offlead runnings for Brythen. He did not appear noticeably tired by this.

- Wrote 5240 words of fiction about Fëanor for some reason I cannot entirely pin down. Fëanor story now has a beginning, an end, and most of a middle. I need to decide how much middle I actually want to write, and how much of it will be LALALA Silmarillion.

- did not finish that overdue quote, which I really, really have to force myself to finish as it's for a friend who has been patiently awaiting it for far too long. It is a really complicated quote, and I hate, hate hate writing quotes. :-(

- took down a large overshadowing tree. I had to climb a stepladder to get up to it and then balance in the try while I sawed bits off and Pp pulled on it with a rope, and then we had to march up and down the garden like worker ants orcs carrying all the sawn-off bits up to the fire-site (we did not actually burn the tree on this occasion, because we were too tired with all the worker ant stuff). It was discouraging to count the rings on the wide stump that took us a long time to saw through, and realise that the bit of tree we had removed was just 6 years old. Things grow way too fast here. Each ring was really wide and the largest piece of tree we moved took two of us and the wheelbarrow to get it up the garden.

- finally worked out where all the fruitflies that kept appearing in the kitchen were coming from (Entropy had happened messily to a potato).

- As a result of the last item having contaminated a number of the things I had planned to eat, had to improvise an interesting curry for tea, composed around the concepts 'best before dates are just a guideline' and 'Hey, there's some stuff in this jar!'. It actually tasted very nice.

- identified the three new pigs that have appeared at the other end of the village as Kune Kune pigs, from New Zealand. I am much impressed by the way that these pigs wander around on the grass in their field eating it politely, rather than rootling around like the other local pigs and turning the whole place into a giant mud-bath. Spend some time googling kune kune pigs, and wondering if a good solution to the upper garden growth problem would be to fence it off and get some kune kune pigs to go in there. Reluctantly concluded that by the time I had built a house for them and put up appropriate fencing, it would be too expensive, and probably also hassle. Possibly they would start rootling if they came into my garden anyway. That would be typical.


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31st Oct, 2016 06:29 (UTC)
If you were willing to just put up the fence, you might be able to convince the owner of the pigs to lend them to you - they eat your field, and allow his to go fallow and recover from the pigs.

Someone I'd recently come across on LJ does that with some of her goats in the summer - they go off to live on land that needs to be recovered from overgrowth. The goats get good fodder, it takes some of the pressure off of her pasture during the summer drought, and the people who host them get their yards mowed and fertilized for free.
31st Oct, 2016 08:03 (UTC)
Well, I could, but I think the kune kune pigs are someone's beloved pets, so unlikely to go out on loan.

I could probably borrow some no-name pigs, but it was the grazing that attracted me to the idea really: I know the no-name pigs would turn the place into a quagmire with great joy!

It's not really a field, just an old fruit and veg garden that I've never really had time to look after properly, so there are a lot of rampant raspberry bushes in there. I'd like to keep the fruit trees and reduce the rest to grass really, but I don't think there is an easy or quick way to do it.

Our neighbour did that with a goat, and the goat got out and into another neighbour's conservatory somehow - it was a neighbour that runs a floral delivery service - and when Neighbour Two tried to extract goat from floristry it butted him :-D

So I am wary of goat-borrowing too :-D
31st Oct, 2016 10:25 (UTC)
That does sound Exactly Like A Goat.
1st Nov, 2016 10:09 (UTC)
I am rather wary of goats myself, having been butted and knocked down by one as a child. I was at a horse camp that was also a working ranch with a few of a lot of different animals, including goats. One's chores rotated, and I was supposed to feed the goats and sweep the pen. Apparently, I was walking too slowly to their hay rack with their morning hay, because I was butted by one goat and immediately hit again by another goat. At least one trod on me to get at the hay.

As they had children working with these goats, I would hope they were well-socialized ones, and if even well-socialized ones can act like that, thank you no.

I feel much the same about chickens, because of that same camp. I like eggs just fine, but they are not worth all that angry pecking!
31st Oct, 2016 10:19 (UTC)
This sounds like heroic deeds of some Hercules! And only in 2 days!
Will we see the Feanor's fic when it's done?
'best before dates are just a guideline' - giggle. Very russian. (yeah, I know, it sounds wrong, but I don't remember how to say it correctly)
31st Oct, 2016 23:30 (UTC)
I'll post a link. I don't write enough to forget to post links to things!

I keep thinking I should clear out the cupboards and get rid of the things that have been lurking in there forever, but I was quite glad I hadn't done it yesterday! At least it means there's always something to eat... :-D
1st Nov, 2016 09:25 (UTC)
You know, one of the famose russian fairy-tales begins with an old poor woman literary smth like "scratching in the corners" - and collecting... er... something to make a little piece of bread.
1st Nov, 2016 13:54 (UTC)
I bet she didn't find a jar of Tikka Masala sauce, best before 2014* though :-D

* It was FINE. I did stick some extra paprika in it.
1st Nov, 2016 14:11 (UTC)
Do you like "Pirates of the Caribbean"? The first one, I mean. Have you ever seen the deleated scenes? There is one (probably the first one), where a poor man is sitting on the street, eating something from a bowl - and here comes a carriage with Governor Swann and splash the man and his food with mood. The man look doubtfully in the bowl, then tastes it - shrugs "it's fine!" - and starts to eat. I remember him every time I find some bestbefore longtimepast "treasure" and try to eat it :D
2nd Nov, 2016 22:10 (UTC)

Food trumps no food every time.
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