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It is the time of year when 'getting up' means 'everyone race to the gas fire, she's turned it on!'  Including me.

Henning cat is just out of shot.  Yama Bungle is ... actually where is Yama Bungle?  Eating All The Breakfast, I darkly suspect.

A real wood fire would be nicer in some ways, and every time we have to have this one serviced the gas engineer tries to convince me of this.  I get the impression that gas engineers hate gas fires, and consider them inefficient and generally a bit naff.  We have no mains gas here, but the turn-off-and-on-ability of calor still appeals to me.

As the fire warms up, Rosie often decides she would prefer a bed to the hearthrug.   Does she get into the bed to the left, which is vacant?  No!  She climbs into poor Brythen's bed, forcing him to get up and go elsewhere.  Brythen does not like to be snuggled, and Rosie knows this perfectly well.



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25th Oct, 2016 08:46 (UTC)
'Poor Brythen' really does seem to be the story of his life. Oh, Rosie...

I like the Welsh hearthrug :)
25th Oct, 2016 20:29 (UTC)
I know, his life is a constant round of oppression :-D

That rug is really a piece of vetbed, which is a substance designed for lining dog kennels and so on. This means it is really, really washable, and mysteriously it also comes in many exciting patterns: I fell in love with this one!
28th Oct, 2016 08:53 (UTC)
Do you know where you got it? One of my dogs is quite oily and gets smelly fast, and gets all her bedding smelly, so something really washable is quite valuable.

I think I'll also look to see if I can find it some place in country, but if I can't I would appreciate the link.
28th Oct, 2016 09:07 (UTC)
I think that particular piece was from http://www.muttcutzboutique.co.uk/ourshop/cat_915043-Vet-Bed.html but I'm sure that the general stuff, if not that particular pattern, will be available in your country. I've bought pieces on Ebay before now too.

It's invaluable if you have an oldie who is starting to become incontinent. I think it was originally designed for whelping boxes.
28th Oct, 2016 14:49 (UTC)
Neither dog is incontinent thankfully, but Bailey is very oily (strong doggy odor) and has a very sensitive GI tract, so her bed needs relatively frequent washing. I was thinking that if they made beds out of this stuff, it could go over a layer of vinyl (like they use for the benches in restaurants), and under that the actual bed fiber or foam. Their current beds have zip-off covers, but even if we wash them regularly, the beds themselves smell very , very doggy by now. Current plan is to acquire them and glue them into vinyl cases, and then cover with...well, we hadn't quite decided, but hopefully something the dogs will like. That seemed like a reasonable option, and I like the dragon on it. I did a year of study abroad at UWS Swansea, and loved every minute of it, so Wales has mostly great memories for me (I also fell in love with a Welsh bloke who broke my heart after I came home, so that's why it's only mostly great memories).
25th Oct, 2016 09:30 (UTC)
How much degree is in the room? I mean, before the fire is turned on?
25th Oct, 2016 20:43 (UTC)
Do you know, I have no idea. We don't have a thermometer in the house, so I was entirely going on 'this feels a bit chilly'!
27th Oct, 2016 09:24 (UTC)
LOL! And my family can't imagine ourselves without a thermometer. We have them in every room and outside the house on windows of every room and even take a small, shock-proof thermometer on trips. Come to think of it, it's really not that necessary - why not turn a heat sistem juging on "it feels chilly" or not? But - habits, habits! :P
25th Oct, 2016 10:04 (UTC)

Oh the dilemma of soft bed vs hot bed! It's the tragedy of the sight hound!

25th Oct, 2016 20:44 (UTC)
Her life is a terribly hard one!
25th Oct, 2016 10:24 (UTC)
Sounds like Rosie knows exactly how long it takes for Brythen to warm the bed nicely...

Humans relegated to the back, I see.
25th Oct, 2016 20:45 (UTC)
Yes indeed. Humans really don't get a look in.
25th Oct, 2016 11:38 (UTC)
We used to have a cat which sat with its paws pushed through the fire guard (used for purposes of small children, not cats) and then, once the children had grown and the cat could get closer, he would lie as close as possible until his white tummy turned yellow and then just roll over.
25th Oct, 2016 20:47 (UTC)
We have an amp. attached to one of the computers that gives off a gentle heat. The cats constantly compete to be the one that sits on top of it: only problem is that they tend to completely fill it with fur, and there is really no way to fully de-fur it...
28th Oct, 2016 08:56 (UTC)
Why not tape some window screen or other screen material so that the screen covers the vents? That way, you can just periodically untape the screen and give it a good shake and maybe a rinse and theoretically prevent it really getting into the amp?
25th Oct, 2016 15:47 (UTC)
My sister's childhood cat (suspected to be a Turkish Van that wasn't good enough for shows) would lie underneath the portable electric heater on her back once it turned cold. She only just fit, but she was happy there.
25th Oct, 2016 20:49 (UTC)
We have to keep an eye on ancient Footie cat. He's burned his whiskers before now, trying to get closer than is safe or wise!
26th Oct, 2016 16:30 (UTC)
Luckily the electric heater was one of those sealed oil varieties so no exposed flame, but I always wondered how she didn't get burns on her belly lying there wedged underneath it.
26th Oct, 2016 12:18 (UTC)
This is so in keeping with the personality I created for Rosie in my head based solely on your photos.
26th Oct, 2016 19:41 (UTC)
It looks so cozy! And I love your carpet.
28th Oct, 2016 08:57 (UTC)
Sounds a bit like my sister and I as children when we slept. She'd cuddle up to me, and I'd move away (all of this while we were sleeping), and when I could flee no farther, I'd kick, apparently. And that was when I wasn't having night terrors, which were altogether worse and more hazardous to anyone in reach (I yelled and hit and kicked and threw my body around with every ounce of strength in my small frame, and was often very hard to wake from this state)
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