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It is the time of year when 'getting up' means 'everyone race to the gas fire, she's turned it on!'  Including me.

Henning cat is just out of shot.  Yama Bungle is ... actually where is Yama Bungle?  Eating All The Breakfast, I darkly suspect.

A real wood fire would be nicer in some ways, and every time we have to have this one serviced the gas engineer tries to convince me of this.  I get the impression that gas engineers hate gas fires, and consider them inefficient and generally a bit naff.  We have no mains gas here, but the turn-off-and-on-ability of calor still appeals to me.

As the fire warms up, Rosie often decides she would prefer a bed to the hearthrug.   Does she get into the bed to the left, which is vacant?  No!  She climbs into poor Brythen's bed, forcing him to get up and go elsewhere.  Brythen does not like to be snuggled, and Rosie knows this perfectly well.
Tags: cats, dogs, weather
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