bunn (bunn) wrote,

Autumn colours

Today it poured with rain, but the last week has had wonderful autumn sunshine. I always seem to forget to take photos of the garden in autumn, but on Saturday I remembered:   View from under the apple tree (I must trim the top of that hedge...)

I don't know the name of that maple on the right, it was there when we moved in, but I kept it even though it does cast a lot of shade, because of the autumn colour.

The campanulas are still flowering!  No frosts yet.

Despite the gloom today, the chestnuts are falling.  I picked up these in the woods today: pretty much my only foraging this year, I haven't even picked rowan berries or crabapples to cook, although I have scavenged hazelnuts and blackberries from the hedges.   I am trying to remember to keep both eyes on Rosie Roo, and not get too distracted!  But you can't eat chestnuts fresh from the tree, they need cooking.

I plan to toast them.  Must remember to cut X's into them: last time I forgot and they went pop in the oven.
Tags: food, garden, nuts

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