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That what D&D character? quiz

Here. It asks things like 'choose a statement: I hate technology | I love technology'

THAT IS AN IMPOSSIBLE CHOICE.  I both loathe and love technology.  It is the yin-yang of my life.   What kind of insanely simplistic reality forces a choice like that?

Also 'It is better to : be yourself | be polite'.  Well, that would depend how much of an arsehole you habitually are.   If you are the kind of lovely person who is overly polite and nobody can work out whether you actually want a biscuit or a cup of tea, then for god's sake stop being so damn polite and just tell us what your biscuit choice is.  We really would prefer that.

 However, if like me you are the kind of person where everyone you know is already bored with your opinions and there is visible wincing when you open your mouth, sit down, shut up and work on the 'polite' thing.

I was a Neutral Good Human Ranger, which is,frankly, a very dull outcome, so I'm not posting the whole thing as I am sulking about it.

In other news, I heard a noise this morning that I did not recognise at first, a sort of slightly resonant rhythmic thud with a sort of slight crunch to it.  After a moment's confused listening, I worked out that it was a thrush hitting a snail on a stone.  That was once an utterly familiar, normal and domestic kind of sound, and I am somewhat shocked that things have now reached the stage where I hear woodpeckers and owls far more often than a thrush.


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19th Oct, 2016 16:12 (UTC)
The thrush is clearly a sign that the Dwarves will soon be returning to their mines in the Tamar Valley.
19th Oct, 2016 16:27 (UTC)
You seem to me to be tending towards 'be polite' in both cases, in that you want to prioritise improving other peoples' experiences over doing exactly as you like ;)

I'm not sure I have any strong feelings one way or the other about technology, or many other things, which would also cause problems.
19th Oct, 2016 16:47 (UTC)
I gave up on that quiz early on, since so many questions made me cross for having no middle ground. I am clearly a lawful good fence-sitter - an often forgotten character class who dithers falteringly into battle, shouting the magic words, "it's more complicated than that!" and "Well, it depends on context, doesn't it?" in the hope that it will confuse the enemies and set them questioning their course.
19th Oct, 2016 19:03 (UTC)
Since that time when I boggled that shoggoth into joining the party, I am firmly of the opinion that the Fence-sitter armed with those magic words is one of the most powerful character classes available...
20th Oct, 2016 17:22 (UTC)
The questions made me cross but I persevered, because I am horrendously bored at work and I've already finished the mandatory security awareness training. I now have a nifty printed certificate with my name on it that proclaims I am aware of security.
19th Oct, 2016 21:05 (UTC)
Excuse you, your opinions are fascinating!
20th Oct, 2016 07:45 (UTC)
Oh, I don't know. I had the strange experience, in a meeting recently, of being both the person wittering on, and simultaneously the person thinking 'oh god shut up so we can get out of here!' It was a sobering moment. :-D
20th Oct, 2016 01:22 (UTC)
I turned out a True Neutral Human Bard. Alrighty then.

'Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light of Durin's Day will shine upon the key-hole.'
20th Oct, 2016 08:36 (UTC)
You sing mightily but not necessarily in the cause of righteousness? :-D
20th Oct, 2016 21:16 (UTC)
That would about sum it up. :o)
20th Oct, 2016 08:37 (UTC)
A lot of dodgy binary choices that as usual take no account of the social dimension of behaviour and how it interacts with inclination.

I am a True Neutral Human Monk.

That reminds me that this weekend I should take a little stroll around the garden with a brick. It has been a while since I did any serious snail-killing.
20th Oct, 2016 17:19 (UTC)
I dislike the one-answer-only format. For instance, I was a band member AND a nerd AND and an outcast all at the same time. And what if you think animals deserve our respect AND are delicious?? Sheesh.

Neutral good human wizard.
20th Oct, 2016 20:22 (UTC)
I wonder if being a wizard also comes with a security certificate... 'competent to fireball' or something.
21st Oct, 2016 16:15 (UTC)
Licences, issued by the Bureau of Wizardry. Submit your application forms, in triplicate, with seven signatures of other wizards of at least three levels higher than you are to attest to your competency, to the local office of the Bureau along with 5ml of your blood, a 5cm strand of hair, two scales from a juvenile blue dragon, and 5 gold pieces to cover processing fees. You will receive your updated licence in 10-12 weeks.
21st Oct, 2016 07:36 (UTC)
Also, for If I punched someone as hard as a I could, it lacked the option "I would probably hurt myself more than them". (True Neutral Elf Monk.)
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