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Section through the Tamar Valley

On that walk I just posted about, there were many adits, and it was clear that the hillside was full of hidden tunnels.  So I decided to draw a cross-section through the walk.  I've uploaded the large version a bit larger than normal as there is quite a lot of small detail, although unfortunately the camera has lost focus a little at the edges so you may not be able to make out the gentleman taking a bath, whose job it is to ensure that the goblins don't get out and misbehave.

In other news, Ruggie went off to his new home yesterday, and I just got a happy email from his new owners saying he has settled in beautifully.   I'm sure he's much happier in a bungalow, and he clearly was delighted with his new Golden Retriever lady friends, who are so much easier for him to keep up with than the lurchers! 


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11th Oct, 2016 12:26 (UTC)
Glad Ruggie has adjusted quickly! :-)
11th Oct, 2016 20:10 (UTC)
I miss him a bit, but it helps that his new home is so obviously better suited to him.
11th Oct, 2016 17:12 (UTC)
:-D I really like this! Who's that sleeping there below, and when will it stir? I was half expecting King Arthur or Francis Drake, but presumably they're resting elsewhere, somewhere with less risk of mine-related booming waking them early.

Do all places have gentlemen in baths whose job is to keep the goblins in? I would like to imagine one under our cliffs - but given the number of cliff-falls, I fear his bathroom would soon become embarrassingly exposed, and the goblins free to misbehave on the beaches below. We would also have a colony of troglodytic smugglers, who took refuge in a sea cave in 1765 and have been breeding there ever since, unaware of changes in the world outside.
11th Oct, 2016 20:31 (UTC)
Do you know, I have no idea? He just turned up.

I had drawn in a few shadowy goblin-shapes, and I was going to put a few more and maybe another engine or something in that top cavern, but instead I found myself drawing a bath with a person in it. In the original you can clearly see that the person is quite tall and has long hair. He (or she, I suppose) also has a library of red-spined books which are shelved under his raised bed-platform there.

:-D at the troglodytic smugglers. If I ever draw another, closer to the coast, the trogladyte smuggler colony will be a must!
11th Oct, 2016 19:57 (UTC)
I love it. :-) It looks as if the miners were lucky they didn't awake Durin's Bane, but the guy in the bath is there to protect us.
11th Oct, 2016 20:39 (UTC)
I think that might be Someone Else's bane. Colin's Bane? Dave's Bane...?

I guess we'll have to wait and see... :-o
11th Oct, 2016 20:47 (UTC)
Good point. :-) I think I remember from Show of Hands that Cornish miners are Cousin Jack, so maybe it will be Cousin Jack's Bane?
11th Oct, 2016 20:56 (UTC)
It must be! No wonder the Cousin Jacks went out all around the world to make mines there : they wanted to be well clear of the Bane when it woke up!

(Let's hope it snoozes on forever...)
11th Oct, 2016 20:17 (UTC)
Is there a Watcher in the Water and a Shelob as well as a curled-up Balrog?
If so, the Tamar Valley is clearly a very dangerous, Halloween-ish place, despite its idyllic surface!
11th Oct, 2016 20:42 (UTC)
There are a couple of big spiders but I don't think either of them are quite Shelob scale. Not that it feels like it when you see one unexpectedly scuttling past, grrrrr.

I think I imagine the Watcher in the Water as rather more gloomily coloured and menacing than my blue octopus, but it is pleasing tentacular!

The seal is really real (as well as the canoeists!)
11th Oct, 2016 21:08 (UTC)
The art is AMAZING and so full of stories!

I'm glad Ruggie's settling in.
11th Oct, 2016 21:32 (UTC)
That is a lovely picture :-)
12th Oct, 2016 08:15 (UTC)
Is that a Good Thing or a Bad Thing sleeping at the bottom? It made me think of Time City first, but you never know.

Does the gentleman just happen to be taking a bath at that moment, or does the bath also help to deter goblins, who dread being made clean?
15th Oct, 2016 11:21 (UTC)
I think it's a sleeping Bad Thing. Probably hard to tell until it wakes up though.

I think he just happened to be taking a bath, but now you mention it I bet goblins hate soap.
12th Oct, 2016 17:25 (UTC)
What a fun picture! Nice work. Lovely details. You make me want to try drawing.
12th Oct, 2016 20:23 (UTC)
I love this!
13th Oct, 2016 03:33 (UTC)
That's awesome.
13th Oct, 2016 19:09 (UTC)
Oh, that's a great picture! And I am pleased that Ruggie is settling in.
15th Oct, 2016 21:07 (UTC)
Wow. That's lovely! Well done!
25th Oct, 2016 16:58 (UTC)
This is a strong contender for Best Picture Ever :-D Thanks for uploading it so as to show all the details - the poor mountain bikers on the outside of the slope thinking they're facing all the danger, unaware of the far greater dangers that lurk within...
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