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The joy of earplugs

I finally gave in to increasing levels of sleep deprivation, closed all the doors in the house, put in earplugs and let foster Ruggie just bark to himself downstairs last night.  (Ruggie cannot or will not walk up stairs, and disapproves of everyone but the cats vanishing upstairs for the entire night.)

Even with earplugs in I can still just about hear him, but  I feel SO MUCH MORE HUMAN for having slept a full night in bed.  I don't think he barked the whole night, and when I came down, he seemed excited but not hugely distressed.  I would never let a sighthound bark on and on like that, but I can't imagine a sighthound randomly barking for hours without being severely distressed, whereas it almost seems like Ruggie's default state is either asleep or barking!  ( I don't think anyone outside the house can hear him, it's doubleglazed and our neighbours are not right next to us. )  Also, I could probably carry a sighthound upstairs if I needed to.  Though now I think of it, foster Bob didn't like being upstairs and we had a bed for him in the hall.  He didn't bark all night though!

Ruggie's off to his new home on Monday, barring any last-minute glitches. New owners have a bungalow and their other golden retrievers sleep in the bedroom, so they are used to it! 



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6th Oct, 2016 10:20 (UTC)
I think I would ge mad with a dog constantly barking like that. But I guess it makes it easier to know it is short term.
6th Oct, 2016 12:38 (UTC)
In a way it's a good thing: apart from this one problem he's a really sweet old guy and otherwise I would probably have been tempted to keep him! But there is no question he needs an owner with a ground floor bedroom with space in it for a large hairy dog. He's not too noisy during the day: occasionally he will wake up and bark - apparently surprised to discover that he is a Golden Retriever - but you wouldn't call him a noisy dog in general.
7th Oct, 2016 13:41 (UTC)
He sounds like a sweet dog. Our dogs bark to high heaven whenever we come home, and as we live in an apartment we were a bit worried they baked a lot when they are alone. But our neighbour, who is retired, told us they only bark when we come home, or when there is a stranger in the staircase. But they never bark at the people living in the house. :)
8th Oct, 2016 09:47 (UTC)
Clearly they are clever dogs! But they are herding dogs, aren't they, so should have brains?

I don't think Ruggie is very blessed in that department, poor silly thing. :-D
11th Oct, 2016 19:09 (UTC)
Yes, they are Shetland Sheepdogs and especially Tom is very bright. I grew up with the breed and he is smart even for a sheltie. Teddie is more laid back, but I guess he is used to have a big brother around who do the heavy thinking. :)
6th Oct, 2016 11:36 (UTC)
Glad the earplugs make a difference, and I wish Ruggie all the best, in his new environment. :-)

Edited at 2016-10-06 11:37 (UTC)
6th Oct, 2016 12:39 (UTC)
Thank you! I shall miss him - but not at night :-D
6th Oct, 2016 18:21 (UTC)
Well done to Ruggie on finding a new home, and to you for managing to sleep all night.

The barking reminds me of my old Samoyed George, who once barked himself hoarse for fifteen minutes after being left behind with me by my parents one evening. He then went off for some water, before resuming barking for another fifteen minutes. I let him outside after that, so he could howl his presence at the world for a while.
8th Oct, 2016 09:49 (UTC)
I think I should probably have tried leaving him to bark sooner: because my dogs almost never bark, I tend to assume it means something srious!
9th Oct, 2016 20:02 (UTC)
I hope everything goes ok with the transfer to the new home so you can get some quality sleep again! I've enjoyed reading about your adventures with Ruggie, he sounds like he's been a big change from the type of dog you've been used to :-)
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