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A time of festival

Manwë decreed a feast more glorious than any that had been held since the coming of the Eldar to Aman... at this time Manwë designed to heal the evil that had arisen among the Noldor, and all were bidden to come to his halls upon Taniquetil, there to put aside the griefs that lay between their princes. ...

Fëanor came indeed, for him alone Manwë had commanded to come; but Finwë came not, nor any others of the Noldor of Formenos.... And Fëanor came not in raiment of festival, and he wore no ornament, neither gold nor silver nor any gem; and he denied the sight of the Silmarils to the Valar and the Eldar... Nevertheless he met Fingolfin before the throne of  Manwë and was reconciled, in word.

For Fingolfin held forth his hand, saying 'As I promised, I do now.  I release thee and remember no grievance.'   Then Fëanor took his hand in silence. [The Silmarillion: Of the Darkening of Valinor]

I wanted to draw this incredibly awkward moment : Fëanor wearing deliberately, insultingly unfancy clothes to a great feast, and Fingolfin all decked out in his best festival clothes, shaking hands, while the Eldar all watch them.  Under the cut, a painted version.  Colouring faces is something I am yet to get quite right :-/

In case you are interested, I used this rather hilarious reference image fo the poses.  I can't imagine what this stock photo is meant to tell us, unless there is a market for stock photos to convey the concept of 'distrust' and 'wariness'. :-D  


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2nd Oct, 2016 09:42 (UTC)
I hadn't thought of "awkward" before in that context, but it certainly is that.
I gather you do not quite see Fingolfin as coming all over sentimental at this point?
2nd Oct, 2016 13:21 (UTC)
As in, overcome with emotion to be reconciled with his brother?

I don't think so. Presumably, Fingolfin had been hoping that his father and the rest of his family would turn up to the feast, and that his brother would be gracious and polite.

What he got was a pretty comprehensive snub, and Fëanor behaving almost like a prisoner acting under duress. Yet Manwë had pushed Fingolfin into a position where he kind of had to make the first move, because clearly nobody else was going to.

I think his pledge of fealty was genuine and he fully intended to carry it through, since, well, he did. But I can't convince myself that he wasn't feeling uncomfortable about the awkward balancing act of trying to position himself between the Valar and his own family.
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