bunn (bunn) wrote,

Wah, drattit!

Why is it that buying a particular art supply instantly guarantees that I don't want to make that sort of art??

I bought two sets of white pastels, and was rather pleased when they arrived in a their own special little boxes.  They are nice to use too, very silky smooth and slick to apply.

And then I was tempted to buy a stylus for the touchscreen on this laptop, and have another go at digital art, not that I am any good at digital art really, but why not?

But then I started that last painting in acrylics again, thinking it would just be the one, and now of course I want to paint more acrylics, although I am very low on Titanium White, which is absolutely essential, and quite low on useful titanium buff and near-essential yellow ochre.  Pif.   But no doubt if I buy some titanium white, I will then be guaranteed not to use it.

Oh well.  I suppose it doesn't go off.
Tags: arty stuff

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