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Aya Findekano!


Illustration for hhimring's Song made by Rian to welcome Fingon on his visit to Hurin at Nen Lalaith.
I loved the idea of the setting: a domestic frame for Fingon, High King of the Noldor, given an edge by being placed at the very end of the years of hope before the Battle of Unnumbered Tears.

Rian is singing her song to welcome Fingon to Nen Lalaith.  Morwen is stepping forward, ready to greet the visiting Elves. Until a minute ago, Hurin was down by the stream, showing his little son Turin how to hunt for freshwater crayfish, but when they saw Fingon approaching in the distance, Morwen sent him inside to put a clean shirt on.   Huor is sitting on the steps out of shot, looking admiringly at Rian: they are not married yet.  Morwen is pregnant with her daughter Lalaith, but the bump isn't showing much yet.  

Developed from my previous pastel sketch: I decided that the amount of detail needed ruled out pastels, so this is a painting in acrylics.  The bridge is based on Chiselcombe bridge near Watersmeet in the Lyn Valley: a bridge built strangely high and airy among steep woods, because it was constructed soon after the Lynmouth floods of 1952.  I thought the Lalaith might have similar flooding issues. 
Tags: acrylics, arty stuff, tolkien
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