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Sssssshhhh. Floopy dog is snoozy.

This morning, Foster Mr Ruggie was excited by the wind in the grass and did his level best to run with the lurchers.  They ran in huge fleet-footed elegant circles, and he bounced madly in the middle like an over-excited hearthrug, flollopping happily and yipping.

And then this evening he sniffed All the Things, went for a paddle in a stream, and met a flatcoat and a cocker spaniel.  And now...

He's still waking up at 5am, for some mysterious reason, and barks madly until I come down and sleep on the sofa, at which point he happily goes back to sleep (but he won't let me get away with sneaking back to bed: I've tried).   His back legs feel a lot better, particularly the right one, which actually feels like a proper leg with muscles in it now.  The left back leg is a bit less solid, but it still feels less like a hairy bag with a bone inside it, which has to be a good thing.



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(Deleted comment)
17th Sep, 2016 07:36 (UTC)
I have informed him, and he thumps his tail for you.
17th Sep, 2016 03:56 (UTC)
I'm glad his legs are improving and so pleased he's having a happy time,
17th Sep, 2016 07:38 (UTC)
I was quite worried about those legs, but I think now that he must have been absolutely exhausted for the first few days he was here after kennels, transport etc - quite apart from being a bit arthritic.
17th Sep, 2016 09:07 (UTC)
My big 'doodle boy has a similar gait; I prefer the term galumphing. He only does it when properly excited, and it is comical to watch. My Facebook icon is actually a pic of him mid-galumph on a beach in Cape Cod, while we were on vacation there. The beach was the Most Exciting Thing Ever, though he was alternately fascinated with and terrified by a dead horseshoe crab. Sneaking in to sniff it and then leaping backwards. He's a tremendously dignified gentleman when he's calm, but when he gets excited, it's all goofball.

I am glad to hear that your foster is doing better. It sounds like part of his leg problems may have been a simple lack of exercise. As someone who has arthritic joints (thanks immune system!), it seems to me that if you don't move them enough, you start losing ability to move them (or at least, it becomes more painful). And the muscles help hold things properly in place, which reduces pain too - it sounds like he was lacking in that department by more than a little.
17th Sep, 2016 10:39 (UTC)
Ah, bless him! Despite the 5am alarm calls.

Streams and dogs and fings to sniff - sounds like Goldie heaven!

17th Sep, 2016 15:30 (UTC)
Sounds like the perfect doggy day - no wonder he's tuckered out! :D
17th Sep, 2016 21:40 (UTC)
Aw he's cute.
19th Sep, 2016 18:52 (UTC)
That sounds like a lovely dogday! No wonder he's tired. Not so lovely early mornings, though.
19th Sep, 2016 19:14 (UTC)
He is a very lucky dog - and I am pleased that his legs are, as it were, picking up.
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