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'A beautiful Summer's Day'

Although I actually took this photo, credit for the concept and title goes to my mother.  :-D  

We had said that today we would go to Saltash, to look at Art.  To Saltash we went, therefore, through torrential pouring rain, and visited an exhibition which was perhaps a little abstract for our tastes, in a gallery poised dramatically on the edge of the river.   If I were unkind, I would say it was generally stronger on concepts than execution.

But then, on the way home, we stopped off at Simon Young's home gallery, also in Saltash, which was much more our kind of thing  ('You must be very British!' he exclaimed, seeing us looming out of the gloom in waterproofs and umbrellas).  I've linked to his website, but to be honest it does not really do credit to his work, which is all in watercolours and has a beautiful light touch to it.  He is ex-army and showed us some of his sketchbooks which he had made during his army career, as well as his later work since retirement, and we both loved it.    He's working on a project at the moment to paint scenes of war memorials, roughly a hundred years on from the First World War, which seemed a very touching and delightful one.

Then we went into Saltash as I was hoping to buy a new white pastel stick, but the art shop had closed early, presumably due to the rain.  So instead we went to a lovely cafe and had excellent coffee, tea and very fresh and delicious cake, all served in delicate china painted with rosebuds.  On the whole, there are worse ways to spend a persistently rainy day. 


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4th Sep, 2016 18:45 (UTC)
That's a wonderfully atmospheric shot. I can almost hear the rain falling.

A lovely day... for sitting in a cafe drinking tea, and watching the rain running down the windows.
6th Sep, 2016 13:25 (UTC)
Even better, the rain had slackened off by the time we left the cafe!
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