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The delightful comfort of wearing warm socks when the weather has taken a turn for the chilly is disrupted by stepping in a splash of water, such as that created by a large hairy dog drinking incautiously.

And yet the splash is not so large that the entire foot is wet, so that parts of my feet are now crying 'we are sad and wet' while other parts of my feet are going 'but it's so snuggly and warm!  Can't you just wait a bit, the wet bits are bound to dry soon'.

I wonder if this is what Brexit feels like if you are a country.    Get it together, feet.

I should probably try to find another pair of clean socks.  (I do have many clean socks.  Shadow falls over this idyllic situation when the word 'pair' is mentioned.) 


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3rd Sep, 2016 08:27 (UTC)
Release yourself from the tyranny of the paired sock! Break free those shackles of matched designs! Put on a random dry sock, and put an entirely different random dry sock on the other foot, and, lo, the world will not end! Even if the arbiters of etiquette might want to ostractise you from polite society for ever more for such a "crime", they will never know!
3rd Sep, 2016 10:42 (UTC)
I considered it, but I just can't. I don't know why. But it is impossible!

The socks did in fact dry out while I walked the dogs in them. Now all feet are happy again.
3rd Sep, 2016 14:53 (UTC)
I once was buying some socks and there was a set where no one of them match -- amusing little socks with patterns and things, so they had some excuse.

I bought two packages.
3rd Sep, 2016 17:37 (UTC)
5th Sep, 2016 08:57 (UTC)
But now you have suggested this in a place that we they can see, we they will know that bunn is wearing mis-matched socks ...
3rd Sep, 2016 15:25 (UTC)
There is nothing wrong with random socks - it allows each foot to have its own identity. After all if RF is having a red day and LF is having a yellow day, why should they have to compromise and wear orange (thereby satisfying neither)?
3rd Sep, 2016 17:39 (UTC)
I refuse to allow my feet to be out of step in this manner!

(also for some reason every single pair of socks I own seems to be a different shape and weight as well as colour.)
3rd Sep, 2016 21:12 (UTC)
I've been UnmatchedSocked since 2008. Everyday I'm a happy person ;)

Your most excellent description of wet bit sock had me in stitches
4th Sep, 2016 09:54 (UTC)

I wish I could do the unmatched sock thing. Every so often I resolve to try it, but always end up sneaking back upstairs and swapping back to matched socks. which is odd because in general, odd socks seems like the kind of thing I'd do.
4th Sep, 2016 00:26 (UTC)
I truly believe that Wet Sock is one of the most objectionable sensations in this world.
4th Sep, 2016 09:53 (UTC)
It's the way that it subverts the pleasing comfort of Dry socks!
4th Sep, 2016 03:58 (UTC)
I've always preferred to bypass the problem entirely by wearing slippers (because despite the name, they are less slippery on a bare floor than socks, which caused an acquaintance of mine to break a leg when coming down his stairs more quickly than he had intended). Preferably the sort with a proper non-water-absorbent sole, and a slight heel, precisely to address the indoor puddle problem. If I ever have to live in a cold country again, I am ordering some possum-fur-lined ones from New Zealand.

Edited at 2016-09-04 03:59 (UTC)
4th Sep, 2016 09:53 (UTC)
I knew a slipper enthusiast would turn up eventually!

In theory I have some crocs that I use for this purpose. In practice, I am always forgetting which ones I designated slipperalikes and wandering outside in them or losing them...

Basically I applaud your method but am too slipshod (literally!) and careless to follow it consistently.
5th Sep, 2016 02:12 (UTC)
I use cheap croc-alikes for the garden, since I don't need them for warmth, and they're easy to wash. My garden is not big enough that snakes are a ris. Most snakes here will keep out one's way, but the local vipers and spitting cobras tend to be bad tempered and will hold their ground; park maintenance workers wear boots.
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