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Running Repairs to Vingilot

"What seems to be the problem?" I asked as we arrived – not to Eärendil, oh no, of course not to him. He was shining away in the prow, oblivious to all things. (Reluctant as I am to see any good in the shiny fools who don't maintain their celestial vessels, I must in all fairness consider the possibility that he's just permanently dazzled, perhaps even blind. It can't be good for your eyes to wear a star on your brow. But that's not really the point. He's still got ears, after all.)

"Rudder's broken," said the crew member who'd greeted us.

"And you can't fix it yourself?" I was surprised. Like I said, they're a good bunch of lads, Eärendil's crew.

"Not without resupplying," he said, "and we never stop in port. They are no ports up here. No shops. It really strains our ingenuity."

from "Servicing Light-Vessels" by ladyofastolat

I should have drawn more crew really, but I find faces hard... 
Tags: arty stuff, tolkien

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