bunn (bunn) wrote,

There is a thief in this house

He steals everything!   And he guards it too, so you have to do swaps if he takes something you want back.  Honestly, I thought lurchers were supposed to be thieves, they have nothing on Mr Ruggie!

He is doing much better on his legs now he's on pain relief, and is able to do decent length walks, which is a relief because doing double walks was a bit timeconsuming.  I am now more hopeful that we will be able to get his leg muscles built back up to where they should be.   On the downside, he has come down with kennel cough, but fortunately so far my two have not caught it so with a bit of luck it is a strain they have already had.

He does get a bit tired after a while, as you'd expect, and still needs help getting into the car.   He also likes the sound of his own voice (I thought that 'quiet when left' on the hand-in form was a bit optimistic).

He still thinks Brythen is awesome and wants to do what he does!  Except, he can't really see the point in coming when called.  Fortunately he can't run away all that fast.
Tags: dogs, foster

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