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Except, at long last, it IS.   Or at least it is it is for the next 12 years.   After that, r_blackcat informs me that we will be expected to bring out the second edition. I'm imagining something leather-bound and gold-embossed, for suitable gravitas.  :-D

Tell me Heather, tell me,
Whether your leaves are summer-green?
Do your blooms hang lightly,
where my brother sleeps?
My beloved brother, my brother who forgives all?

Tell me, Memory, tell me,
How he threw in everything he had,
How he burned like a star?
As I foresaw, he took the dare
To risk our fate, the curse upon our lot

Finrod's Song  on Ao3

(it took me literally hours to format it all in three columns on Ao3, I am not going to try to replicate the effect on LJ, particularly as I suspect everyone interested here has already read one of the many beta versions. )


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21st Aug, 2016 06:39 (UTC)
Oh good, something fun for me to read tomorrow! I was never able to read the whole thing straight through when you were doing the initial bout of work on it, as my life got ridiculously busy then. Just a couple days ago, I was listening to the musical and telling myself I really must go back and find where you put the translation; so this post with a shiny AO3 version is quite timely for me.
23rd Aug, 2016 13:51 (UTC)
I left a link on Youtube, and it looks like the video owner DukeSpontaneous has already leaped into action and added my English as subtitles!
23rd Aug, 2016 17:54 (UTC)
*checks* Awesome! \o/
22nd Aug, 2016 10:10 (UTC)
Congrats! I'll do everyone a favor - I will not look at the result. At least for 12 years. "12 years later" - sounds a little bit Dumas-like :)
23rd Aug, 2016 13:52 (UTC)
I am sitting on my hands, trying not to ask you to explain what is wrong with the hammer (in last email).

It's probably not that important. Is it? Oh nooooooooooooo, it probably is...

24th Aug, 2016 09:15 (UTC)
No, it's not. It's poetic complain about unappropriate prison treatment, with your a bit different (from the original) translation readers will understand the crux of the matter. So - let it go. Take rest. Really.
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