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An oldie foster dog has landed.

He has come to stay for a while until he finds his forever home. We've not had a Golden Retriever before, so it will make a change from all the lurchers.

He transferred to Oldies Club from a kennel-based rescue in Wales because he wasn't doing very well in kennels.  He has bald patches on his feet where he's been nibbling them.   Supposedly he is only 10, but at the moment he seems older: he struggles a bit with steps, and standing up when he's been lying down a while.  But it may be that he will seem younger once he's had a good sleep: he has had a rather busy day.   I didn't take him for our usual long evening walk with Rosie and Brythen, because he was clearly worn out.  We did a little 'introduction' walk when he arrived, to make sure Rosie wasn't going to try to eat him, and that was more than enough.


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12th Aug, 2016 19:55 (UTC)
He looks happy and grateful. He obviously expresses his loyalty in the first photo.
13th Aug, 2016 22:03 (UTC)
He's adorable, and clearly loves his people!
12th Aug, 2016 20:27 (UTC)
He looks like a very fine dog, and I hope he survives the night uneaten.
13th Aug, 2016 22:04 (UTC)
Rosie has been very gracious to him and only told him off a tiny bit when he became too enthusiastic about sniffing her bottom, which seems fair enough.
12th Aug, 2016 20:30 (UTC)
What a handsome fellow.
12th Aug, 2016 20:36 (UTC)
My experience with goldens is that, given a chance, they will lick you to death. :-) Very affectionate dogs.
13th Aug, 2016 22:05 (UTC)
He's not excessively licky, thankfully - since I am used to sighthounds, a very licky dog might be a bit of a strain, but he's more likely to present you proudly with an orange monkey or a floofy ball.
12th Aug, 2016 20:46 (UTC)
What a cutie! I'm sure he will feel better at your place!
13th Aug, 2016 22:09 (UTC)
He is adorable, but I'm a bit worried about his legs. We did a fairly short walk this morning and it really wiped him out, I think I shall have to walk him on his own and take him very short distances. I believe Goldens are prone to hip dysplasia, and I'm thinking a vet trip looms...
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12th Aug, 2016 21:10 (UTC)
He looks like a real sweetie. I once knew someone who rescued many a Golden Retriever. They were all affectionate and unless they were ill or very old, extremely *bouncy*.
13th Aug, 2016 22:11 (UTC)
He likes to bounce up and down on his backside and squeak at you, but he's reluctant to stand and certainly can't jump. I'm a bit worried that he may tick the 'very old/ill' box. He's supposed to be only 10, but his legs seem in a bit of a state. :-/
12th Aug, 2016 21:14 (UTC)
He's a sweet old boy. I love Golden Retrievers.
13th Aug, 2016 22:11 (UTC)
He's very cute and seems to have a lovely nature too!
12th Aug, 2016 21:29 (UTC)
He looks cute!
13th Aug, 2016 22:11 (UTC)
He's a real old sweetie!
12th Aug, 2016 21:41 (UTC)
Goldens always seem disturbingly happy. This dog needs to be called Snuffles
13th Aug, 2016 22:16 (UTC)
I wondered that. Do they have Happy Resting Face, in the same way that whippets have Disgruntled Greatuncle Resting Face...? And if so, how can you tell if they are really happy....? :-D

His actual name is 'Striker' which seems like a terrible name for him, but the rescue aren't keen on changing it, though I must say he doesn't seem to answer to it at all.
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(Deleted comment)
13th Aug, 2016 22:18 (UTC)
Isn't he? He has a lovely smile. Bit worried about his health though, he seems rather frail :-(
(Deleted comment)
13th Aug, 2016 22:19 (UTC)
I'm sure he would be very pleased to have a cuddle, but he doesn't share your disgruntlement. I'm not sure his smily face can even do 'disgruntled'
13th Aug, 2016 02:29 (UTC)
Aww, I hope he begins to feel a bit less stressed out now that he'll have more walks and attention.

Tagging dawn_felagund because Cute Golden!
13th Aug, 2016 22:22 (UTC)
Well, so far not so good on the walks front, his legs seem very wobbly and I think I'll have to give him super-short walks so as not to overdo it. But we may be able to do something with medication...
13th Aug, 2016 11:05 (UTC)
Oh, bless him! How could anyone resist him and his fluffy toy!

I hope he settles in well and soon finds his new family.
13th Aug, 2016 22:24 (UTC)
Isn't he? I cannot really find any excuses for the family who owned him from a pup, then handed him in to sit in a kennel and break his heart when he was old and had wobbly legs, and could not cope with a toddler in the house who kept grabbing at him.
It makes me very cross.
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13th Aug, 2016 12:02 (UTC)
He's adorable - and he looks quite young and shiny in the photos. Hopefully his legs will catch up :-)
13th Aug, 2016 22:31 (UTC)
His coat, eyes and teeth are great. Not sure if we can do anything about the legs, but we'll try...
13th Aug, 2016 12:32 (UTC)
What a sweetie! Hope everybody gets along with each other. :-)
13th Aug, 2016 22:33 (UTC)
My two are a bit baffled by him, but they have been very polite really. The cats were briefly concerned but soon decided he was too slow to worry about!
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