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Dog behaviour, magnetic collar and stuff

At the moment Az is being something of a pain to poor Mollydog. He wants to play. She is prepared to play first thing in the morning, but then he wants to play again at lunchtime, and in the afternoon as well! Today he bounced round her barking like a loon and she stood there looking pained and holding her bad leg up in a meaningful kind of way.

Ideally I would find some way of amusing Az that didn't involve playing with Mollydog, but he doesn't really want to play with me: he wants fast-dog fun. Honestly, you would not think he was 8*: sometimes he behaves like he's more like 8 months!

I should do more clicker training just with him really, but it's hard because Mollydog does love it too.

I tried Mollydog with the magnetic collar last week: I'm now giving her a week without it, and will try a week on again next week. She does seem a bit limpier this week, but there are so many possible variables - it could be that she's playing it up cos Az keeps shouting at her, or it could be the weather, or just her mood.

In a way I kind of want it not to work, because it seems so odd and improbable that it should. But on the other hand I do want it to work because anything that saves her pain has got to be a good thing...

* assuming he is 8, because that's a bit of a guess. We know he was adult when they found him 4 years ago, and they thought he was about 3-4 then.

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