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Emptying my camera card

I ran out of space on my camera memory card at the beach yesterday.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, since at the moment my camera is a bit crippled.  I dropped it on the path and the view-screen bit cracked.  It still works but it has a big starburst in one corner which does make it a bit hard  to focus.  I think it should be possible to remove the broken screen part of the device and replace it, but I haven't done anything about that yet.   Anyway, I have almost cleared out my camera card and here are a few shots from it.

A couple of weeks ago we went up onto Dartmoor, intending to have a cream tea at the Two Bridges Hotel.  But it was closed for a wedding.  So instead we parked at Pork Hill and walked up Cox Tor with the hounds.  Here is Pp when I made him look after all the hounds so I could take photos.  I suspect Pp of being secretly pleased I dropped my camera so there will be fewer moments like this one :-D

Not sure if I noted here that Foster Carlos has now gone home.  He had a lovely home offer from a family who live in a village not far away.  They have a stream in their garden for him to paddle in, an exciteable terrier and a greyhound for him to run around with, and a big field for him to run around in, and they are an extended family including retired people and people working from home, so lots of time, cuddles and attention.  I think he will  be really happy there.

The view from the top was worth the climb.

Brythen being Very Good In A Landscape.

A few days later, we tried again.  This time the Two Bridges was open, and we had a truly impressive pile of tea.  But it was a bit chilly so we went inside where it was a little dark for quick photos, and I was hungry, so I don't have any photos of that.  There was so much tea that the dogs had some too, and even then there was still cake left over at the end that none of us could manage.  Rosie is a big fan of Victoria Sponge Cake.

The sheep had been recently shorn and dipped.  They were startlingly blue.   Rosie was keen to catch one and see if it would go well with Victoria Sponge Cake but we restrained her.  They were pretty hard-looking sheep, I suspect that if she had come nose to nose with one she might well have found it tougher than expected.

After tea we wandered over to Wistman's Wood, a small wood in the middle of Dartmoor which is mostly remarkable for being in the middle of Dartmoor, where you don't expect a wood to be.  Also there are a lot of boulders and moss, and low crouching sorts of trees which are quite atmospheric and would make a good film setting for the sort of film where someone ends up being tied to a rock and almost sacrificed with a ridiculously overelaborate knife.

Pp and Rosie on the way back from Wistman's Wood.   Rosie is still considering the deliciousness of sheep.  

A few days later, inspired by the amazing still life photos of the puddleshark, and by the fact that someone in the village was selling bunches of sweet peas for 50p from their honesty-box stall,  I noticed a random selection of items sitting on the table and attempted a still life of them. :-D

Possibly one is supposed to choose the still life items, rather than just notice that the dining table has a Zoom Groom, a book and a box of screencleaner on it....  :-D

And here are some photos from our trip to the beach yesterday before I ran out of memory card.  I am somewhat at a loss to explain this one, unless this is actually a Selkie Child.  Do Selkie children wear wet-suits....?

And this is a dual purpose photo.  I had intended it as 'Portrait of a Man In Search of Pokemon'.

Only when I got it home, I realised that it was accidentally also Portrait of a Man Who Went Swimming In His Pants And Is Just Realising How Transparent They Are.   I am unsure as to whether the chap in the background realised I was photographing him, but I am pretty sure that he would be pleased that I only had a 50mm lens.

The next two photos are collectively named  'Dog Malfunctions'.

Rosie seemed to be being less absurd on this particular outing.  It was unfortunate that despite several miles of sand, of the three other dogs on the beach, two were border collies.  We had to walk a long way up the beach before I felt I could safely let her run.

She was very pleased when we finally did, and hared about like a loon, spraying sand over two ladies who had also walked a long way to get to the quietest part of the beach, and completely ignoring my attempts to guide her away.  Then eventually she stopped running and came and told Pp at some length how much she loves him, possibly because of his sanguine attitude to issues such as spraying sand over strangers.


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18th Jul, 2016 19:49 (UTC)
Gorgeous photos!
19th Jul, 2016 19:10 (UTC)
Thank you!
18th Jul, 2016 20:57 (UTC)
Lovely pictures! I particularly like the penultimate one, with the Shadow of Rosie, and the layered cliffs in the background, and the magical fairy haze on the beach. Also the man in search of Pokemon, and the dog malfunctions, and the moon above the Selkie Child. :-D
19th Jul, 2016 19:17 (UTC)
I like that faerie haze too, but sometimes it is shy and does not show itself in photos.
18th Jul, 2016 21:24 (UTC)
Gosh I love your walks! Rosie is correct, sheep and Victoria Sponge, the complete meal of champions.
19th Jul, 2016 19:26 (UTC)
Hah! I used to have standards for dog food, but Rosie has taught me that if the dog will eat it, and it has calories in it, then those are two very important boxes ticked!

I grew up with lab X, it was a major change of mind to realise I now have a dog that will literally starve herself if she doesnt' care for the food. Still not letting her eat sheep though. :-D
19th Jul, 2016 11:29 (UTC)
...Portrait of a Man Who Went Swimming In His Pants And Is Just Realising How Transparent They Are...

*falls off chair laughing*

Oh, these are splendid photos. And I love that mysterious wood where no wood should be.
19th Jul, 2016 19:02 (UTC)
He ended up in the background of a whole burst of photos, so you can clearly see him coming up out of the water, noticing the state of his pants, looking down at them and then looking over at the long, long, public stretch of sand that lay between him and his towel in horror. Poor man :-DDD

I considered making a montage of him but it seemed unfair so I've deleted most of them.
19th Jul, 2016 19:02 (UTC)
... after all, it's not like I've never been swimming in my pants!
19th Jul, 2016 13:37 (UTC)
Spectacular photos! Glad Carlos found a good fit... If ever I direct a remake of "The Wicker Man", then Dartmoor might just be the place! Glad your doggies enjoyed themselves. :-)

... and hello, BTW! I think we have several mutual friends, so that is how I stumbled across you... Confession time: I friended you because of shots of your ridiculously beautiful hounds! Circumstances dictate that I'm unable to have a canine of my own, so I have to selfishly enjoy those of others. :-)

My name's Dave, I'm 34, and I'm from North-West England... Anything else you want to know can be found in my profile/journal, or you can just ask! :-)

Nice to make your acquaintance!
19th Jul, 2016 19:31 (UTC)
Hello there! I see you are a friend of my husband philmophlegm. We disagree on almost everything apart from important things like Tolkien and cats, just so you know :-DDD

Hope you enjoy the dogs!
19th Jul, 2016 15:32 (UTC)
The real problem with swimming in your pants is the odd wet marks they make on your trousers afterwards, but then all my pants are black.

Those sheep were very blue!

Love the beach, and the malfunctioning Brythen :)
19th Jul, 2016 19:32 (UTC)
His pants were white. Very, very white, and very very thin. :-D
19th Jul, 2016 19:09 (UTC)
Lovely photos! I'm glad Carlos has a new home, it sounds like a great situation for him.
19th Jul, 2016 19:36 (UTC)
I think he'll be really happy there. It's so nice to have a foster find a local home, it's much less stressful for them that way.
19th Jul, 2016 21:46 (UTC)
I love these melancholic views of Dartmoor. Beautiful photo session, thank you.
21st Jul, 2016 04:22 (UTC)
Sorry about your camera. You take gorgeous photos.Love the wood.
22nd Jul, 2016 08:14 (UTC)
I'm going to have to take my life in my hands and replace the cracked screen. I hope the camera doesn't have as many tiny-tiny screws as my Kindle did when I did the same to that!
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