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Oddly tired at the moment.  Slept a lot this weekend, without really taking the edge off it.  Then tried to work, to catch up a bit on work not done last week, with not much success.  Meh again.  Let me try rummaging in my camera card, maybe that will be more successful.

Small triumph: the nasturtium tropoleum that I planted a few years ago still likes the garden, and has thrown up a string of brilliantly red flowers.  It has a reputation as a picky plant, so I'm pleased it likes it well enough to be fighting the rest of the garden successfully.

Things have got terribly overgrown with amazing speed.  It wasn't long ago that I mowed this path and cut the fern back, one good rain and the rosebushes and the ferns have all gone flomp.  I know how they feel.

Foster Carlos has also gone flomp. His dog bed technique has improved a lot since he first arrived and he has gone from flopping randomly over the edge of the dog bed to fitting himself inside it quite neatly.


I'm quite pleased about this, because I think it means that his hips are becoming more flexible and he's not so stiff.  He's definitely more mobile now, happily wriggling under things (though I did have to lift him over a stile the other day.  He's getting some muscle back on his bottom.  I wish I could have videoed him running with Brythen and Rosie this evening.  He properly, properly ran, a real greyhound run, not just lolloping, no dragging his feet or slipping over as he did to begin with.  And he wasn't stiff afterwards either.
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