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Oc committee meeting

It's far too late to post about the weekendbeforelast video watching, so I won't. I have a bunch of things to post about, but I shall break them up a bit.

Last weekend was an Oldies Club committee meeting. It was in Bicester, which is far too far to drive in a day and back, so I went up the night before and stopped over with Staffymad and the Staffies in Magor, which was fun. I am not really a staffy person, but oldie staffies are rather nice, and not so wriggly-bullet-like as younger ones. And we had curry, which I almost never get to have when philmophlegm is about because he hates the smell.

Apparently there was a severe weather warning: I didn't listen to the radio and I only phoned Staffymad when I got to Cullompton, so when she mentioned it it seemed a bit late to turn back. Quite a lot of tarmac did seem to be washed away on the roads in andout of the village...

We (OC we) were rather hoping that we might have some news about our application to become a charity by now, but alas! we just keep getting emails saying our application has been passed to ever more senior people. This is a bit worrying.

We did get some questions back that suggested they didn't really 'get' the idea - that old dogs are better off in foster homes than kennels, and that we don't really *want* to have kennels, for that very reason. With a bit of luck Flweir's cunningly-wrought answers will have made things clearer and we will get our all-important charity number.
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