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Idiotic irritating email.

I am currently studying BTEC ICT at All Saints College and for my coursework which is on e-commerce i need to contact different businesses that provide an e-commerce set up service as part of this coursework.
I would be very grateful if you could help me out by emailing me and letting me know the different steps involved when setting up an e-commerce site for a customer, And the average price you would charge for this service.
Thank You Very Much
Jonathon Byrne "

1) Which All Saints College? It was wise of you not to specify which of the many you attend, or I would have been irritated enough to forward this to your department with a fervent request that they give you a spanking and take away your lollipop. I note that you send from a yahoo address, not an ac.uk one. Could it be that you are really a competitor undertaking some spectacularly unsubtle competitor research?

2) If you think there is a meaningful average price for an unspecified ecommerce development, what on earth have they been teaching you???

3) Were these really the best questions you could come up with???

4) What, precisely, is my incentive for doing your homework??? Answer in not more than 100 words...

5) Am I going to get 20 more of these from other people on your course?

6) 2/10 for trying, for at least saying 'please' and 'thank you', and not giving a deadline that you want me to do your homework by.


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