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I gave Brythen a Bravecto tablet, which is supposed to offer three months defence against fleas and ticks.  It upset his stomach a bit.   Rosie would not eat hers, even when it was chopped up and mixed with lamb, although I think she may have eaten a tiny bit of it, she definitely didn't get more than a small dose.

Because of this, I got foster Carlos a Seresto collar instead. Seresto is widely used in southern Europe where ticks are much more of a problem than they are here, and is supposed to be very effective.

I had to knock a couple of crawling ticks off Brythen the other day, but generally he seems to stay tick-free.  Carlos, on the other hand, is a magnet for them: the other day in the woods, even with him wearing his seresto collar,  I ended up knocking more than 10 crawling ticks off him (they are very visible against his pale fur) and he still got one that attached and had to be removed with a ticktool.

 Rosie, also with pale fur, without any tick protection at all, continues completely tick-free.  I'm guessing this is why Science makes all that fuss about sample sizes...

I am fairly sure that it's not that Rosie is taking different routes or jumping more than Carlos -- although she is faster and covers a lot more ground. But the ticks appear on Carlos even on-lead when we are all walking along the same path.

 My current theory is that Carlos, being entire, and from the look of him, probably with some GSD and staffie in his mix to go with the majority greyhound component, is just that bit smellier than Rosie (Saluki/whippet/grey, I think), and so the ticks are attracted to him more than they are to her.

The happy tick-magnet himself.

And being surprised by younger, swifter dogs...

I don't think it's *just* that ticks fall off Rosie because of her sheer velocity.... :-D


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9th Jun, 2016 23:19 (UTC)
I must be really smelly. I pulled out 14 out of my legs and 3 out of my arms after I walked in the wrong place in my shorts in Moldova.
10th Jun, 2016 08:08 (UTC)
:-D I think the Moldovan ticks must have different habits to the ones I am used to here, ours are deer ticks and the deer carry them all over the woods, we don't seem to get identifiable breeding grounds so much.

They are supposed to prefer deer and sheep, so perhaps poor Carlos smells more sheepy than the other dogs!
10th Jun, 2016 12:23 (UTC)
The Moldovan ones are super sensitive to dryness we were told so there are almost none of them in well aired places that also get some sun during the day. But there are a lot of them in a couple of shaded damp places at the northern edge of the forest.
10th Jun, 2016 01:23 (UTC)
A friend of mine de-ticked her dog by feeding him vast quantities of garlic. She says it worked, in that they all fell off, but then she had a very strongly garlic-smelling dog. It didn't bother her, she's Chinese and cooks with garlic all the time.

Sample size of one, and totally anecdotal. Also the dog was a Default Dog, the kind of indistinguishable brown mongrel that you get all over the world. from Australia to Africa.
10th Jun, 2016 08:17 (UTC)
I do make dog treats with garlic, but not vast amounts of it. It's usually recommended to be cautious about feeding dogs (and cats) onions, garlic and so on, as alliums can cause serious anemia in those species.

I don't think it's likely to be a problem given that my dogs are quite big and don't get a lot of the stuff, but I am cautious.

10th Jun, 2016 08:20 (UTC)
Yes, I don't think she did it regularly. But her dog got a particularly nasty infestation, so she did it as a one-off. The dog went on to live a long and generally healthy life.
10th Jun, 2016 10:08 (UTC)
As our dogs are opposed to baths and don't throw themselves into water, we drip something from the vet between their shoulderblades and then they don't get ticks. :)
10th Jun, 2016 10:33 (UTC)
Unfortunately, the Advantix spot-on, which is supposed to be pretty effective against ticks, is dangerous to cats, so we can't risk using that. I do use Frontline sometimes, but the Bravecto and Seresto collars should in theory provide longer-lasting protection, so they seemed worth a try!

It's odd that Rosie, without any protection, seems to be almost immune to them! I suppose she doesn't have an awful lot of hair, as dogs go. Her tummy is quite bald: perhaps ticks prefer a furrier environment.
10th Jun, 2016 16:30 (UTC)
Well, mosquitoes bites different people differently too. Most of my friends would say "there's no mosquitoes today" when I would dance and swear trying to get rid of nasty biters.
En-ru dictionary doesn't have adequate translation of "tick". So I can only guess what sort of bloodsuckers it is.
10th Jun, 2016 20:49 (UTC)
Good point. My sister is like you, she seems to get bitten by mosquitos when none of them are coming near me! Not sure if you really want to know ( I am itching now, after finding a photo!) but here's a link: ticks. The only good thing about them is that at least they can't fly. *shudder*
14th Jun, 2016 09:07 (UTC)
Oh, YES, it's definitely good thing they can't fly! Thanks for the picture, I recognize little rascals. We have them too, especially in Tarusa, some days I can shake 5 of them from my trousers. But Tarusa ticks are too lazy, no one ever bited me for all their efforts to climb my feet. Around our contry-house the ticks were evil, but well - after digging 5 or 10 of them from myself and my mother I stopped to be afraid of them.
(Lyme and borriosomething are the same illness .) Well, if you mean borreliosis of course. )
11th Jun, 2016 05:50 (UTC)
I use a Seresto collar on Gunny, and have done for two years now, the ticks around here carry a disease which is referred to as piro, and causes kidney failure if not treated very rapidly.
It works for her, and is a lot less fuss and cheaper than putting on the Advantix.
The cats I haven't bothered to treat up until now, because it seemed that being around the dog/collar, they haven't had fleas at all, and only the occasional tick...but since I moved here they have had a lot of those little red ticks that are impossible to remove. I bought some pipettes of something declaring itself to be anti-tick and flea, but once I had opened the box and actually treated the cats I discovered it wasn't actually much good for ticks, some blah about it being effective maybe and that only for about seven days, but that no second dose should be applied before a month. I am pretty annoyed, still the ticks have disappeared...for the moment.
11th Jun, 2016 09:04 (UTC)
Ours can carry Lyme disease and some other thing as well, borriosomething...? I've seen Seresto recommended, so I was quite surprised that oldie Carlos was still getting them appearing even with the collar! But presumably they won't last long once they are attached.

We used to have awful trouble with ticks on the cats, and there doesn't seem to be a really good solution for them. But now our cats are old they don't go gallivanting off into the field where the deer graze any more.
12th Jun, 2016 15:30 (UTC)
I like the second picture in particular.
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