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It seems to be remarkably hot and humid here at the moment, and I keep wanting to go to sleep.  I did manage to make myself mow the lawn, and got very hot and sticky doing it too.

But I could not bring myself to mow all the buttercups, so I mowed a little island around them.
I like the way the sunshine filters through the hedge to give them a golden light.

Flowering hawthorn, an apple tree, and yellow flag iris in the pond.  The yellow flag, being a robust wildflower has almost defeated the smaller domestic blue-flowering irises.
I keep meaning to cut that hawthorn before it becomes too big, but I keep leaving it because it is in bloom, or because it has berries on.

I need to get better at garden ruthlessness, or at least timing.

And more flowering hawthorn, hiding behind an ornamental crabapple (on the left) and the hot pink flowers of the crinodendron (center).  See above about 'need to improve garden ruthlessness'.

These foxgloves are volunteers, as are the buttercups: but I can't see that they are really any less decorative for being self-sown wildflowers rather than bought in a pot from a garden centre.
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