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Finrod again

I'm trying not to spend the rest of my life trapped between a Russian dictionary, a thesaurus and a rhyming dictionary, not to mention feeling rather guilty that r_blackcat did firmly say she didn't have time to translate the whole of Finrod Zong and yet has ended up heroically exploring... well.  Rather a lot of lines.

But I have to admit, I am pleased with what we finally wrangled into English between us, for Sauron's lines and then Finrod's great spell: I think it was worth the effort.


A feeble imitation of the Creator’s first design -

What little can you do, to restore the broken line?

The Song of Creation can no longer be altered:

The thread is too far woven, pattern forever faulted

I see you losing everything, all you have been given.

Left with only bitter memory... Are you strong enough for that?


Where nothing is forgotten,

there on the stone curl runes,

The strings of the lyre

untouched by running years.

At my shoulder stands the young

Untainted peaceful world

Rising like a new dawn

Nothing’s forgotten,

Memory has such power,

that it keeps us from harm.

Memory is alive

And see, she is unstained,

Wraiths and lies

vanish, like a dream.

That is the law

While imperishable light

fills the sky.

I call upon the memory of

the Light before Sun and Moon

To lift my voice against you.

So that our strengths are matched

...our strengths are matched...


Power in this world belongs only to he,

Who would without doubt tear off the chains of slavery

Quendi - naught but  servants of masters that they curse,

Pitiful  parody of the people who are real

Things like you can’t play the games of darkness and of light,

I am free to do with you, anything I want.

Yes, the Robin of Sherwood reference was deliberate!  And I'm posting this in an attempt to stop myself staring intently at the last two lines of Sauron's first verse and trying to make them rhyme as well, because that way madness lies.



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4th Jun, 2016 11:56 (UTC)
I like that!
(I'm afraid I'm missing the Robin of Sherwood reference, though.)
4th Jun, 2016 13:02 (UTC)
Well, it's only tiny : "nothing's forgotten".

I had been watching the trailer for the Robin of Sherwood Knights of the Apocalypse audio drama. I hope it turns out to be worthy of the TV series!
4th Jun, 2016 11:59 (UTC)
Whenever I read your posts on this I get that strange Russian song which you posted a while ago playing in my head and then I cannot get rid of it for an hour or so ). And I do not even like that song ).
4th Jun, 2016 13:03 (UTC)
... and that's what LJ filters are for :-P

Mwahahahaha I have sent an earworm to Moldova. *I* like it. :-D
4th Jun, 2016 14:27 (UTC)
That's probably one of the last places one expects to send earworms to or find themselves in. I certainly did not expect that I would end up spending a couple of months here.
4th Jun, 2016 17:24 (UTC)
Oh, this is wonderful. Thank you so much for doing this work and sharing it!
5th Jun, 2016 07:49 (UTC)
It was a surprising amount of fun, particularly the working out the phrases and concepts that don't quite work when translated literally and coming up with words to fit!
6th Jun, 2016 03:22 (UTC)
You are doing a wonderful job (and the original Russian poets who composed this have my awed and unreserved admiration). This sounds more like what I imagine Elvish poetry to be like than pretty much anything else I have ever read.
6th Jun, 2016 10:00 (UTC)
Yes, yes, madness definitely lies there, stop right now! :D
What's the reference to "Robin of Sherwood"? I mean, what line? Something about the Light and Darkness I suppose? I love ROS but don't remember text so well.
6th Jun, 2016 22:09 (UTC)
It's easier to start searching for exactly the right word than to stop! :-D

The Robin of Sherwood line is "Nothing’s forgotten" (Nothing's forgotten... nothing's ever forgotten ...) I was tempted to shove 'nothing's ever forgotten' in there too but that would be self-indulgent. :-D

7th Jun, 2016 08:24 (UTC)
I know what you mean :)
"Nothing's forgotten"! How could I forget! Probably because there's no match in the russian version, but still... Ah, ROS. Good world too. Now I'm tempted to take a walk there.
7th Jun, 2016 10:52 (UTC)
I was surprised how well it had held up when re-watching recently!
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