bunn (bunn) wrote,

Flax & lurchers

 Foster dog woke me early on Sunday, so decided to take a trip down to the beach before the day got too hot
On the way home, I noticed these fields planted by some unsung artist of a farmer.  It is blue flax, otherwise known as linseed, stretching all the way to the skyline.

And here are a few photos of foster Carlos.

Rosie still loves Carlos.  In fact, Carlos seems to be very good for Rosie.  She is eating unusually well and seems more relaxed and waggy than usual.  Of course it might be the sun.  This weekend has completely defied the weather forecast, and been delightful, and a Sunny Rosie is a Happy Rosie.

Carlos is utterly uninterested in the cats.

First offlead walk in 10 years.  He doesn't really have a recall, but then his legs aren't really up to much more than a trot.

Being Good on the beach. Feeling very smug they are all in one photo and more or less looking the same way.
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