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The new leaves are golden too

I am very taken with the colour and texture of young oak leaves in the sun just now.   Before they become green, they are golden yellow and blush red at the tips.

Now I consider this pair of golden trees, I am not sure they are oaks.  The growth pattern of that one on the left looks a little un-oak-like.  I will have to check next time I cross the bridge.

No question about this one though.  Could that shape be anything but an oak?

And here is a reminder that Rosie is not *always* awful and she does have a recall sometimes, because here she is, off lead and recalling.

It's just that she is very easily distracted, particularly if I spend too much time inspecting the click-and-beep-box rather than admiring the Rosie Roo and telling her what a good dog she is, or if I try to curtail a walk that she thinks is too short.  Our central problem there is that it is not really feasible to walk dogs for 4+ hours every sunny day.


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27th Apr, 2016 10:03 (UTC)
God, it's so beautiful! Would you mind if I borrow the pictures of the trees? (Not to use somewhere, just to keep on my computer.)
I actually like all the pictures you've made of your village. Could you please remind me what this place is called? I'm sure I've seen the name somewhere in your posts, but I don't remember where.
27th Apr, 2016 16:31 (UTC)
I'm glad you like them - you are very welcome to any of my photos you like!

My village is Chilsworthy near Gunnislake in Cornwall. These photos were taken about three miles away at Cotehele though - it's a lovely old estate by the river with lots of footpaths.
27th Apr, 2016 17:04 (UTC)
Beautiful trees. It looks like spring is a bit further along there than in Chicago, though we did have one startling day of full-on summer earlier this week.

Good dog, Rosie.
27th Apr, 2016 19:22 (UTC)
The season doesn't seem to be able to decide about spring just yet - we keep getting hot sunshine followed by sudden hailstorms!
27th Apr, 2016 20:10 (UTC)
I love these!
27th Apr, 2016 23:35 (UTC)
What is the muzzle for? (I don't know anything about dogs!) Is it to stop her eating stuff she shouldn't?
28th Apr, 2016 08:50 (UTC)
Well, it is partly because I don't really need a supply of dead squirrels :-D

But mostly it's because Rosie's social skills with other dogs are a bit dodgy. She's OK with most of them, but when she is offlead, she has a terrible tendency to race up to some dogs (usually border collies or greyhounds) at top saluki speed, then suddenly they are TOO CLOSE (and understandably, perhaps a bit alarmed) and there is growling and lunging. It has improved but she's not like Brythen, who is so much more socially competent with other animals.

She never has bitten another dog, but the safe/responsible thing to do with a dog that can travel at such speed and lacks social skills is muzzle just in case, so I do (I do occasionally forget the muzzle, and will sometimes take the risk if it's an empty beach or very quiet location with no other dogs about, but I feel safer when she has the muzzle on. She, of course, feels happier without it, so it's a difficult balance to get right...)
28th Apr, 2016 09:47 (UTC)
What? Not 4 hours walks? What kind of dog mummy are you? ;) My dogs are nick-named the Duracell Dogs because they just never get tired. I'm sure they wouldn't mind 4 hours walks either...
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