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Things Seen

An older woman, her face surrounded by a dramatic grey curly bush of wild hair, wearing a smart dark red velvet trouser suit with a tailored jacket,  stomping enthusiastically on top of a fiercely-smoking bonfire.

I hope she's not going to have to try to get the smoke out of the velvet later.   But it was such an odd thing to wear for the task, I am guessing there is some special significance to it.  Perhaps she will take off the velvet suit, once all the other things are burned, and ritually burn that too.



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20th Apr, 2016 16:00 (UTC)
Maybe it's vengeance burning, rather than Probably Ritual burning? There she was, all dressed up in her smart new trouser suit and preparing to do her hair, when she got a text from her husband to say that he was heading off for a 4-day yachting trip with the jolly fellows from the golf club. But it's their Ruby Wedding Anniversary today! They were supposed to go out to a posh restaurant for lunch! Furious that he'd forgotten all about it, she stormed straight outside to burn all his suits, not caring about the smoke damage to special outfit she'd bought just for him - the velvet trouser suit just like the one they were wearing in happier days, when they first met.

Alternatively, she was just heading out to afternoon tea with the bridge club, when she noticed that that pesky portal to the Nether Realms had opened up AGAIN, and several imps were sneaking out of it into her cabbages, and the Dread Dark Lord himself, He Who Must Not Be Named (i.e. Bob), was beginning to manifest himself. Fortunately she was wearing sensible shoes, so was able to stomp the Dark Lord and extinguish him along with the smoke, and, smelling slightly singed, head off to tea with the gals.
20th Apr, 2016 16:13 (UTC)
I wondered if it was a post-divorce Burning. She had a very stern air about her.

I wish I'd looked at her feet now and noted her shoes! I was so transfixed by the velvet suit that I didn't notice them.
20th Apr, 2016 16:45 (UTC)
A stern air doesn't rule out a determined Banishing By Stomping of a Dread Dark Lord who is trying to infiltrate our world, though. I'm now imagining her as an stern ex headteacher, telling the Dark Lord that he's been a very naughty boy.

Your LJ little person icon has horns! :-O Have you always been a sinister horned one without me noticing, or have you only recently grown horns?

By the way, the lone boot has arrived.

20th Apr, 2016 20:59 (UTC)
Always with the Dark Lords!

I purchased the horns recently, being taken by a whim.

So I observe :-D
20th Apr, 2016 18:41 (UTC)
I vote for post-divorce burning! Although that always seemed so wasteful to me. I rather clean out the cheater's closet and take it all to a thrift shop or a charity store.

Edited at 2016-04-20 18:42 (UTC)
20th Apr, 2016 21:00 (UTC)
That would probably be less stinky too, but perhaps less satisfying.
21st Apr, 2016 03:15 (UTC)
But far, far away from me, for the health of the new wearer.
20th Apr, 2016 20:10 (UTC)
I'm kind of wanting a dark red velvet trouser suit now. I have wild semi-grey hair . . . perhaps I could play her in the film version?
20th Apr, 2016 21:01 (UTC)
I have to admit, my first thought was 'that's a very stylish look'.

My second thought, of course was ... BUT SHE'S ON A BONFIRE!!!

21st Apr, 2016 02:39 (UTC)
My first thought was indeed "What was she wearing on her feet?"

I would love a ruby-red velvet suit. Or even a dark red one.
21st Apr, 2016 07:51 (UTC)
I should have looked at her feet! But she was some distance away, and she stared fiercely at me when she caught me looking, so I looked hastily away and went on. The bonfire was smoking rather than flaming, so I would guess that robust boots would be sufficient protection as long as she didnt' stand still too long.
21st Apr, 2016 03:19 (UTC)
Wouldn't it be nice if there were a spell such that the woman would read this entry, not be upset, and kindly tell us her story. I'd put the same spell on an entry from me about the couple I saw on the late night ferry, which I'm too lazy to post just now.
21st Apr, 2016 19:07 (UTC)
An older lady in a tailored red velvet jacket was on the same train as me this morning! Her hair was tamed, but looked as if it could easily turn into a dramatic grey curly bush of wild hair if given half a chance. There were no red velvet trousers, sadly, but perhaps the bonfire had rendered them unwearable. She got on at Southampton, and was still on the train when I got off at Crawley. Next stop on that line: Gatwick.

Clearly your bonfire lady, having finally broken free from her no-good husband, is flying off somewhere exotic, to have all the wild adventures she could have had when young, had she not married him. A handsome Spanish waiter might be involved, or maybe Finding Herself in Florence. Perhaps even a bestselling memoir, which will be turned into a movie in 2021, doubtless starring Judi Dench or Helen Mirren.

See? I can make up stories that don't involve Dark Lords. :-P
22nd Apr, 2016 08:39 (UTC)
:-o This seems extremely likely.

Finding Herself in Florence as a title would look good on the movie posters.
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