bunn (bunn) wrote,

Yama Bungle delumped

Yama Bungle developed a lump on his back, which tested as a benign but potentially growing tumour. So we decided it would be best to get it removed, and he went in for the operation yesterday. We steeled ourselves afterwards, and did not take the cone off his head until the next morning. But he was so distressed by it, I caved this morning and took it off. I honestly don't think he slept all night with it on, and surely he's not going to heal well if he doesn't sleep? I think it was hard for him to drink too.

And he hasn't so far shown any inclination to nibble his stitches, so as long as he doesn't (and surely, SURELY he can't reach them?) it's all good. He's been asleep pretty much non-stop since I took the cone off, supporting my theory that he spent the previous night bumping around the place, poor little chap.

Tags: cats
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