bunn (bunn) wrote,

Brought to you by the Modern Wonder of Electricity

There's nothing like two days without electricity to make you really appreciate the stuff when it returns.  The poor Western Powermen were still swarming over the village as we walked the dogs after 6pm yesterday, so we were not entirely sure if they would get everything finished in time.  But apparently they did.

Sadly this photo does not really communicate the full coppery wonder of the shining wires. They  sparkled in the sunlight.   More photos under cut.

Took my new lens for an evening walk. 1:1.4 requires precise fiddling to get things sharp.

Then I let the light climb inside and bounce about having fun to see what would happen. Mostly what happened was rainbow blobs.

The Sarumanic quarry was looming menacingly  on the horizon as we got back.

Continuing the electricity theme, I discovered that on a clear day, you can just see a wind turbine from the village.

The blackbirds like electricity too, it seems, even at bed-time.
Tags: photos, power corrupts but we need electricity

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