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Easter in Essos : mostly a photoupdate

We spent Easter in Essos, the sister continent of Westeros from the universe of Ice and Fire.  Here we are setting off (perspective is deceptive! the first ship was by far the biggest really! )

I meant to write up what we did, but unfortunately I was, and am, a bit under the weather (I severely disapprove of a bug that not only makes me impossibly sleepy but also makes my asthma unusually severe and wheezy, honestly, I feel like I've abruptly aged about 30 years and put on three stone) so I'm just going to link to LoA's writeup so I can find it later.   In fact, I am so wheezy and achy I haven't even photographed my other drawings of the campaign, although partly due to the wheezing, sleeping, aching etc, those I managed were a bit crap anyway, to be honest.  I quite like this one though: it's us all setting off in our cog, the Lady Anduin, with a cargo of whippets, tin, mead, amber, stockfish, candlesticks, silver grumpkins and furs:

As has become traditional, chainmailmaiden made a sumptuous mass  of awesome foods.  A few of them stayed on the plates long enough to be photographed.  I had to photograph the Baked Alaska super-fast though, before it escaped.   Fortunately, Pp had got me a new (to me) ancient (because all my lenses are from the last century) manual-focus lens for my birthday,  which is well-adapted to the swift photography of escaping food.


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29th Mar, 2016 20:47 (UTC)
The drawing is lovely - I particularly like the whippets. And the cupcakes look wonderful.
30th Mar, 2016 20:13 (UTC)
I'm glad you like the drawing! (Can't take responsibility for the lovely cupcakes, but they were beautiful)
30th Mar, 2016 04:53 (UTC)
Hope you soon feel better.
30th Mar, 2016 16:55 (UTC)
Thank you. I definitely feel less wheezy today, which is a very welcome improvement!
30th Mar, 2016 19:32 (UTC)
Sorry to hear you are feeling rough, and I hope you feel better soon.

In the meantime, that's still a lovely drawing, though I'm left wondering what silver grumpkins are. :-)
30th Mar, 2016 20:10 (UTC)
I think I've misspelled them actually, they probably don't have a 'p'.

We were from the North, from a house of Stark bannermen, so obviously the legendary Grumkin was a regular part of our folklore, and therefore well represented in our Novelty Item stash :-D
30th Mar, 2016 20:17 (UTC)
Oh, of course... (nope, effete southerner here, still not a clue.). In any case, if they were legendary, that explains it. ;-)
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