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I waited in the optician,where there was free internet. And now I am waiting at the tyre place where there is free internet. And I have a smartphone so should be adequately entertained. Yet no. I hate smartphones! I keep making typos and the screen is too small and half the functionality of everything is crippled. Aaaaaaa. Turns off stupid tiny phone to read newspaper. On paper

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21st Mar, 2016 13:58 (UTC)
Being retired and having a real down on internet banking, I don't have a smart phone. I recently acquired a tablet, but that is wifi only, and even that (it's 10.1 inches) is difficult to read, despite the fact that my eyes are pretty good and my specs excellent. I find I mainly use said tablet for iplayer in my bedroom...
21st Mar, 2016 19:56 (UTC)
I don't use mine for internet banking, or even shopping. I had thought of using it for work, but it's such a faff not having a keyboard and only a small screen, it's not worth it.
21st Mar, 2016 14:33 (UTC)
I cannot type messages longer than two words on my phone. I keep making five typos in each word and the recipients usually call me back to ask if I was taken hostage somewhere and was trying to type inside my pocket with my hands tied. I also cannot use laptops with screens smaller than 15".

Edited at 2016-03-21 14:34 (UTC)
21st Mar, 2016 19:59 (UTC)
Where I live there is a terrible mobile signal, so even texts tend to reach me a couple of days late. So it's really only usable in places with wifi, and most of the time if I have wifi, I have a laptop...

I agree on the small screen laptops. You need enough space to be able to have a couple of windows side by side!
21st Mar, 2016 17:23 (UTC)
I really don't want to a smart phone. I got a tablet with a detachable keyboard and even that I end up finding too small for comfort and abandoning in favour of my laptop. The Boy shows me stuff on his and I just squint at it and wonder how he can spend so much time on it!
21st Mar, 2016 20:19 (UTC)
A few years ago I decided I should Embrace the New and got a fairly good one, thinking that I didn't want to risk economising and getting a cheap one that would put me off using it. It was well reviewed, popular, and full of features that were ahead of the trend at the time.

I use it occasionally to view recipes when I'm cooking, and usually I look up the recipe on my laptop first because I hate searching on mobile. And I use it as a small camera that's not as good but a bit smaller than my real camera. For any other purpose, I flee back to my laptop, cursing. :-/
22nd Mar, 2016 12:55 (UTC)
Virgin gave me a free one last time my contract renewed and I hated it so much I lasted about 2 days before I shoved my SIM back into my old Nokia!
21st Mar, 2016 17:24 (UTC)
It constantly boggles me that so many people are perfectly content to use a phone for all their internet needs. I do sometimes have to use the phone for urgent internet access while travelling - e.g. traffic reports, timetables etc. - and I feel my stress levels noticeably rising with every second I have to spend on it. Every few months, a colleague tries to persuade me to use the library's ebook loan service, even though it won't work on my Kindle. "Just read the book on your phone!" he says, as if I'm being stupid and stubborn in ignoring this obvious solution. WHY ON EARTH WOULD I WANT TO READ A WHOLE NOVEL ON MY PHONE?
21st Mar, 2016 20:21 (UTC)
YES. Doing anything with it is slow and stressful and just annoying (and that includes making a phonecall).

I really tried hard to use it for all the things people are supposed to use mobiles for now, and I just found it utterly frustrating. If I'm not in a position to use my laptop, I'd really rather draw with a pencil, or look at what's around me.

A novel on a mobile phone? *shudders*
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