bunn (bunn) wrote,

Trees fallen, spring flowers

There are an amazing number of trees going over this spring. It seems like everywhere you go there are toppled trees.  Here's Brythen inspecting one we found earlier.

The wood anemones are out already along the river...

And Rosie leading me off along the primrose path.

She didn't vanish today, which is good news.  She still has this tendency if she feels a walk is too short of taking off until she thinks she's had enough, which is usually after about 3-4 hours.  The problem is that walking for four hours every day is a bit of a big ask, and also, poor Brythen, who has greyhound feet, tends to start limping after walking for so long  (as does Pp.  When we went to the beach on Monday, about six miles or so with a break for lunch, the boys were definitely the ones who were suffering by the time we got back to the car.  :-D

Before his feet got sore he was happy though:

Rosie at the cafe, unimpressed that her sausage had not yet made a appearance.

Rosie does not limp.  Rosie just goes... and goes... and goes.     On Friday she found a whole series of empty cornfields, all with open gates connecting them, and we were there for quite some time as she went around... and on, and on, and around... and around.   It was quite dark by the time she consented to come back, although at least she was in sight all the time and there were no crops or livestock.
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