bunn (bunn) wrote,

To the seaside with Cthulhu

On Monday, we went to the seaside.  I thought it might be interesting to take some photos of miniatures there.  On impulse, I also took Cthulhu.

He seemed to enjoy the outing, although I don't think he liked being carried home again in my backpack.

This Hiver seemed so much at home that we very nearly left it there accidentally.

and this green... thing.  I forget what it was.  It's being hunted by an Azlan warrior.

This person clearly considers himself to be a Mighty Hero.  I felt we should have brought him a monster to slay, but he was a bit small for Cthulhu. He'd have had to chip bits off.  It would have taken ages.

It is the return of the Green Blob!  This time it is menacing two warrior ladies.  I feel the one with the bow has the advantage here, I bet if you stick a sword into it, it would get stuck.

After the miniature-photographing had happened, we looked around and found that our audience had got bored with the beach and clearly felt in need of attention and diversion. But they were waiting every so politely.

Tags: roleplaying
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