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State of the Garden in March

Much hacking at the garden yesterday, and at present it's looking almost presentable:

The first nectarine flower:

Dave and Bert are now so covered in moss that it's hard to see they are trolls and not just lumps.

I felt the need to photograph the lovely FULL Calor tank, after we ran out of gas last month due to foolishly trusting the new high-tech Calor system which is supposed to top up our tank just in time.  I am yet to find a Calor customer who has one of these things that actually work, due to the considerable overlap between 'people who aren't on mains gas' and 'people who don't have much of a mobile signal for the sensor to report back to base'.  Complicated by the fact that electronics don't tend to go on working all that well outdoors (my mother's sensor died quickly, because her tank is underground and it flooded.  Which is not a problem for gas, not so fine for electronics.)

This delicate flower requires full sun and lots of cuddles.

Whereas this hardy perennial pops up all over the place!

I planted these wild-type daffodils - and the beech hedge behind them!

The snowdrops are still persisting, although they are starting to look a bit draggled.

Henning, another hardy perennial.  He likes it when I am in the garden.
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