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Fiddling with the Finrod's Song translation continues, and both r_blackcat and the Neuromancer of kargicq have now put in so much time and effort and thought into it that I am really beginning to hope it might actually end up as a proper translation rather than me going 'AND HERE IS WHAT I THINK THIS MEANS! ALSO, POETRY!' .   The googledoc is still a work in progress but I'll probably do another LJ post and flock the old one once there is a more or less finished version.   Also, I have now learned a number of Russian words, and some of them aren't 'doom' 'oath', 'foe'  or 'curse'!

I drew a pastel Sauron. I am still not terribly good at getting a likeness, but...

I know that the Red Eye is *probably* a Third Age thing, from after Sauron was squished in the Downfall of Numenor, but I wanted a way of identifying him, so I decided it probably started life as a sort of heraldic device.    I'm not sure why the scar - I don't think it's canonical, is it?

I photographed this once in a north light, (above) and then again a few seconds later, in a south light (below).  Both were in shade, with shade white balance, so it's interesting to see the difference the light made to the camera.


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11th Mar, 2016 12:27 (UTC)
What beautiful artwork.
11th Mar, 2016 13:20 (UTC)
Not Small though :-/ *gnaws fingers*
11th Mar, 2016 14:48 (UTC)
I can see that might be a problem ;)
11th Mar, 2016 17:10 (UTC)
This is great. I like it very much.
12th Mar, 2016 00:02 (UTC)
11th Mar, 2016 20:57 (UTC)
I'm really impressed with how much work is going into that translation! Is it meant to be sung to the same music as the Russian or is it translated into verse for the feel of it?
If you want a canonical background for the scar, it could be left over from the duel with Huan (not the site of the main wound Huan inflicted, if I remember that right, but it sounds as if there might have been more than one scar...). Well, that would be assuming this is after the duel, which it wouldn't be, I guess, if it's meant to be set in Tol-in-Gaurhoth itself. Or maybe Aegnor or Angrod got a blow in before they died?
Anyway, I think you caught the expression very well!

12th Mar, 2016 00:13 (UTC)
I wanted the translation to have as much of the rhythm of the original as possible. It's not quite to the point where you can sing the English to the same music without the odd awkwardness, but that's what I was aiming for. At least to be able to listen to the Russian line by line and read the English , and have it match to both meaning and rhyme. Yes, I would like the moon on a stick too please, just pop it in the bag! :-D

The scar is in the video, so it's too early for it to be Huan. Might be Aegnor or Angrod, or I seem to remember anna_wing mentioning a tradition of Beren injuring Sauron with an arrow?
11th Mar, 2016 21:52 (UTC)
Beautiful! I think I like the lighting on the second one better. - N
12th Mar, 2016 00:15 (UTC)
2 looked much better on the camera screen, but on my laptop the first one seemed to have more going for it. Haven't really got to the bottom of photographing drawings... Anyway, glad you like it!
12th Mar, 2016 01:17 (UTC)
Eee! You really got his bearing spot on, and his general smirkiness. Love it!

I dearly wish I had time to join the translation fun (although people with far more insight than I are now on board, poking around at this kind of thing is a favorite timesink of mine).
12th Mar, 2016 09:24 (UTC)
You still have the Black Book of Arda ahead! :-D
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