bunn (bunn) wrote,

Sunset and daffodil ghosts

The evenings are stretching out again long enough now that even if I faff about a bit in the evening, there's still  time for a good walk.
As we got to the river, the tide was coming in, so all the flotsam was moving upstream, although not with any urgency.

Dead calm and sunny this evening, but there were many fallen trees and other signs of yesterday's wild winds...

Daffodils everywhere!  These were growing in a wood, which may once have been a daffodil farm: around here, you can see the ghosts of old flowerfarms in some places, where the woods have grown up. Or perhaps they were garden tippings, or just hopeful opportunists.  

Looking down on the Tamar River as the light begins to fade...

And now the sun has set, and I began to hurry back while I could still see my feet.

By the time we got back to the car, the tide was at the full, and the river had come up over the banks and even inside the gate to the enclosure where the racing gigs live.
The first stars were showing.
Tags: cornwall, tamar valley, walks

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