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Sunset and daffodil ghosts

The evenings are stretching out again long enough now that even if I faff about a bit in the evening, there's still  time for a good walk.
As we got to the river, the tide was coming in, so all the flotsam was moving upstream, although not with any urgency.

Dead calm and sunny this evening, but there were many fallen trees and other signs of yesterday's wild winds...

Daffodils everywhere!  These were growing in a wood, which may once have been a daffodil farm: around here, you can see the ghosts of old flowerfarms in some places, where the woods have grown up. Or perhaps they were garden tippings, or just hopeful opportunists.  

Looking down on the Tamar River as the light begins to fade...

And now the sun has set, and I began to hurry back while I could still see my feet.

By the time we got back to the car, the tide was at the full, and the river had come up over the banks and even inside the gate to the enclosure where the racing gigs live.
The first stars were showing.


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10th Mar, 2016 22:19 (UTC)
Beauty and peace of Cornwall. Perfect.
10th Mar, 2016 23:08 (UTC)
Absolutely stunning photos!
10th Mar, 2016 23:34 (UTC)
Lovely photos!
11th Mar, 2016 08:10 (UTC)
Gorgeous photos! I especially love that last nightscape.

And I love how considerately the broken pointer from the sign has been placed, presumably by helpful elves or woodland creatures - "Look down, if you would know where you are going."
11th Mar, 2016 11:46 (UTC)
National Trust elves, I suspect, for that is in the respectable heart of the Valley, where signs are propped up rather than simply stolen...

I remember something similar happening to a sign near the village where I grew up in North Devon, the sign vanished immediately, and was soon replaced by a rather good facsimile pointing to 'Wheretheellarewe'. This caused much rural hilarity (North Devon in pre-internet days being short on entertainment and long on sheep) and I seem to remember it was a couple of years before the local authority finally noticed and put a proper sign back up.
11th Mar, 2016 11:09 (UTC)
A little poetry in your commentary, too. Especially that last line, lovely.

The daffs do look like they're huddled together, plotting, grimly strategizing to take over the place.
11th Mar, 2016 11:48 (UTC)
Do not nod off in a field, for you might awake surrounded by invading daffodils!
11th Mar, 2016 12:04 (UTC)
Looks very beautiful and peaceful!
11th Mar, 2016 13:15 (UTC)
I do love these photo posts - you live in a beautiful part of the world and have a real knack for capturing it :)
11th Mar, 2016 20:10 (UTC)
Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them.
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