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I can only assume that all the people voting for Brienne and Jaime to win in a battle against Sabriel and Mogget, have only read A Song of Ice and Fire, but not the Abhorsen series, and don't really understand what they are up against.


Sabriel is way more resourceful than either Jaime or Brienne, and has powers they don't.  But Mogget is essentially a Vala.  Actually, it occurs to me that Mogget is more or less Morgoth.  Morgoth, if someone had turned him into an adorable cat at an early stage in his career.

And Jaime Lannister?  You are not Fingolfin.  You aren't even Boromir.  If someone dumped you into either the Old Kingdom or Middle Earth, I'm pretty sure you'd be crying to go home within a week.

Brienne could probably make a go of it in Middle Earth, or indeed the Old Kingdom, but she's no match for Mogget!Morgoth. 


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8th Mar, 2016 10:36 (UTC)
I do not think that anyone in "Song of Ice and Fire" would be able to cope with Middle-Earth, except possibly the dwarf whose name I forget, who would have the sense to move to the Shire and take up some quiet and unobtrusive occupation.

I love the idea of Morgoth as Mogget, though perhaps Sauron, in his older incarnation of Tevildo, would do too.
8th Mar, 2016 11:45 (UTC)
Tyrion. Can see Tyrion hiding in the Shire, although he might find the less-invaded parts of Gondor more familiar.

I thought about Tevildo, but ultimately Sauron is kind of Morgoth's servant, and Mogget would never settle for that.
8th Mar, 2016 19:55 (UTC)
I'm suspect that the Greyjoys would have a whale of a time being Corsairs of Umbar. They probably wouldn't let themselves get vanquished by an army of the dead, either. Unless they remembered the whole "what is dead will never die but rises again harder and stronger" thing, that is.

Tyrion wouldn't cope with the Shire. Not enough brothels. (Unless you want to believe that it was a veritable hotbed of brothels, but Tolkien censored them away.)
8th Mar, 2016 20:43 (UTC)
The Greyjoys got vanquished by Robert Baratheon!

I think any self-respecting Corsair should be able to eat their squidly guts.
8th Mar, 2016 21:17 (UTC)
And their dastardly plotting was thwarted by half a dozen idiots prone to dropping axes and throwing ones at every opportunity. I didn't say they'd be GOOD at being Corsairs, merely that they'd have a whale of a time trying. :-D
9th Mar, 2016 09:08 (UTC)
You just want them to have a whale of a time whatever they are up to :-D
8th Mar, 2016 17:16 (UTC)
I suspect Sansa Stark would cope- because she has become very good at doing and saying the right thing to survive. Also she's only in her teens and wouldn't be seen as a threat to anyone. I could just picture her working her way into a nice family in Gondor or The Riddermark and knowing exactly when to get out before the Orcs attack...
8th Mar, 2016 19:28 (UTC)
Maybe in Gondor or the Mark. Or in Numenor. But even compared to Westeros, I feel that Middle Earth is strikingly low on happy endings for anyone, no matter how savvy and careful. (Except for ponies, of course. PONIES MUST NEVER DIE)
9th Mar, 2016 03:25 (UTC)
Yes, Bilbo Baggins and Sam Gamgee are the only ones I can think of of whom one can plausibly say "they lived happily ever after to the end of their days".
9th Mar, 2016 01:04 (UTC)
I've not read "A Song of Ice and Fire" nor seen "Game of Thrones," but "Mogget" is close enough to my surname that I did a double take. I take it he's not nice to know, what with being the Morgoth of his universe? Relatives! There's always one. . .
9th Mar, 2016 09:04 (UTC)
Mogget and Sabriel are from the Abhorsen books by Garth Nix, whereas Brienne and Jaime are from Game of Thrones/ASOIF. The premise of the confrontation seems to be to take two people from each universe and take a vote on who would win.

Mogget is an interesting relation to have, and definitely preferable to Morgoth!

Morgoth and Mogget both start out in a similar way; the powerful rebel who won't work with the others to bring order to the world. But instead of being bound by the chain Angainor, like Morgoth, Mogget gets turned into a small white cat, and he spends most of the history of the world in that form.

As you might expect, being a cat has an impact on him : he spends a lot of time asleep, develops a passionate love of fish, and delights in sunbeams and catnip.

And in the end, when he finally regains his freedom, he decides that actually being a cat for so long has helped him understand the benefits of this 'order' idea, and he changes his mind. So on the whole, not a terrible relative to have, and one wonders if instead of mucking around with chains, the Valar had tried the whole 'be a cat' thing how that might have worked out :-D
9th Mar, 2016 20:37 (UTC)
Ah, I see. Thanks for explaining. I'd like to try the Abhorsen books. Have to scale the mountain of books about Scotland &c first, though.
9th Mar, 2016 03:59 (UTC)
The Silmarillion would certainly have turned out quite differently if the Valar had put Morgoth into a cat's body when they released him from Mandos. For one thing, he would have been asleep 16 hours out of 24, thus significantly reducing his time available for mischief-making. And Feanor could have just let him bat the Silmarils about until he got bored with them.
9th Mar, 2016 09:06 (UTC)
The more I think about it, the more I think the Valar were missing a trick with the 'be a cat' idea. It's inspired!

Admittedly the Silmarils would end up under the sofa a lot, but that still seems a great improvement over what actually happened to them.
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