bunn (bunn) wrote,

Weeds, Islands, local power for local people...

Weed death has been achieved at last. I started soaking them on 17th Jan. Too long...

We went to Jersey for a few days last week: my airline clients sent me a brochure about Jersey to put on their website: I thought: wouldn't it be nice to have a break: Polo said 'why not!' so we did. We went to the zoo - always fascinating to see Gerald Durrell's legacy, even if I have an unfailing ability to go there on the coldest day of the year - this time it snowed - and ate a lot of seafood. The Bohemia restaurant is fab, even if I think I have never been anywhere less bohemian (or, indeed, Bohemian) in my entire life.

Mollydog stayed with her friends the colliedogs, but I think she overdid it. She is limping like a war-weary veteran now.

I think my pelargoniums have had it: I left them out while I was away, and it's just too cold. Lucky I have some cuttings. Damn, have just realised I didn't wrap up the dicksonia antarctica either. Will check it tomorrow: if that's keeled over it was an expensive holiday. :-(

They are talking about putting more tide power generators on the North Devon coast. I wonder how long it will be before the surfers start complaining they are breaking the surf? And whether they will stop building silly wind generators? Not that wind generators aren't rather pretty, but they do seem to be strangely inefficient, and there are always some broken, whichever windfarm you go past.
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